Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas City Retreat

I've finally gotten through all the emails and digests. Boy, are the Quiltville gals chatty. But didn't want to miss anything.

I left Thursday afternoon for Kansas City and arrived when several of the gals were out Shop Hopping. So this is how the room looked when I got there.

Not a very big room so it's good we didn't have 20 or more come. There was just 9 for most of the time. A couple came in for a day but joined us for one or two of the dinners out.
This was at a Sleep Inn close to the airport which was very good and they had a shuttle. All I had to do was call from the airport and they were there within 10 min.

As you can see there was only two sewers there. Pam from St. Louis wanted to get the gifts she was making finished to give to us.
Isn't this the cutest bag? I ended up

carrying my meds in it back on the plane.
We ate at a Barbacue place the first night and then went to a Quilt shop that was opened til 8.
They didn't have TB but some found things to buy and I found a neat purse just as we were leaving. It's like one I bought several years ago at the Gettysburg quilt show and wore it out.
The next night we went next door to a Mexican resturant and Ellen's hubby and Mother whose 86 joined us. She was something else. So spry and quilts and does crossstitch.
Sat. night there was only 6 plus Pams hubby Fred and after we had a BIG lunch at a different resturant I had Quiche and was so full all I wanted was some soup. So Pam said , Fred could go get us takeout from Panera. That was so good.
Only Pam and Fred and I stayed over to Sunday. The locals wanted to go finish the Shop Hop. I had a good flight home and OH.
Here's one of the gifts that Julie made for everyone. Isn't it neat. Mine is blue because she knows I like blue. I think the others were different colors.
We went to two different shops that they knew had the Gardner's Touch line as I wanted some of it.

Sorry this is sideways. Should have turned it before sending it to Kim. She had sent me the extra panel of the flowers that she didn't use in her neat quilt so I wanted some pieces to go with it. Don't know what I'll do with it yet.

I have my 4 patches all done for the OC mystery and now waiting for Bonnie to get back home to post the next clue. Sure wish I was able to go to my old guild tonight. Just saw that Bonnie is the speaker and then probably will have a class. Just not up to driving 70 miles one way and back after dark any more.

Hope to get a few more pictures of our gifts tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

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Kairle said...

I'm so glad that you had such a nice time, Eileen. You came home with some great little gifts. Can't wait to see what you make with the Gardener's Touch fabric.

Donna said...

Sounds like your retreat was fun. I just found your blog in the Mystery Ring. Such beautiful quilts! I am looking forward to Bonnie's next clue.