Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Library Opening

What a beautiful day we had yesterday for the ribbon cutting at our new library. I had showed a couple pictures of this probably about two three months ago but it had been delayed because of having the wrong carpet and it had to be remade completely.

It's been open about 2 weeks and is beautiful. Here is a few people that were early enough to get the two rows of chairs they had set up.

As you see it is native stone. This is the entrance you see from the drive.

This is the dignataries. Mayor, council members County Commissioners, County Library board. Our State Senator and Our US Sentator Barbara Mikulski who was the main speaker.

That's South Mountain in the background where I live.
This is Miss Mikulski talking. Notice the stool she is standing on. She is under 5 foot tall and her assistant carries this stool so she can see over a podium when she speaks. She is quite a speaker and funny. Never married but can stand up to any of the other Senators. Has been in there for as long as I can remember.

She mainly wanted to let everyone know that she found a way to get some money for this Library, as the governnment does not help fund Libriaries, Schools. But it does give money for betterment of technogy. So because of the money she got we have 10 computer stations, All high tech computers etc.

Here's the ribbon cutting, We were kept too far back to get a decent picture. Then we all went inside.
To punch and cookies in the Conference room. What a great room to be able to have a quilt meeting.

This is our Senator talking to another one of the dignataries. Should have seen her talking to Nora Roberts husband. He must be 6'6' and little shorty.
Here is our Libarians, there are two more somewhere and their new checkout stand.

The computer labs. I'm going to have to try them out sometime.

.This is a rather dark view of the reading, relaxing room, what a view.
Can you see the couches and chairs around the Stone fireplace? The shiny spot on the chimney is a placque stating that the comfort zone was compliments of the Nora Roberts foundation. Can't say she hasn't supported our town. Course there is probably more of her books in this library than any other authors.

Here is a head on view. I can see just sitting there and reading a good book.

What an asset this will be to this little but growing town.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


Amanda said...

What a brilliant library. I can't imagine not having a library nearby, it's always been my favourite place to visit. Happy reading

Kairle said...

How exciting to finally have the library up and running, Eileen. The pictures are lovely! The place definitely has an inviting feeling about it. I hope you'll enjoy it for many years to come!