Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small Quilts on my Walls

In reading JulieQ's blog the other day she showed an Amish quilt she had just made after falling in love with the real thing in Lancaster.

That made me think about the one that I made probably 10 years ago. Seems it was taken from Miniature Quilts magazine. The blocks were probably 1 1/2 unfinished and they were all done by hand. I remember taking this with me on one of my trips to visit my sister in California. She found one of the pieces I left on her kitchen table.

It is hand quilted with black thread , diagonally and in the blue inner border I have quilted little hearts. I think I used the same template on the outer black border but it is so dark I really can't tell now. Bad eyes don't help.

This is the only quilt I have hanging in my hubby's bedroom. Seemed to just go there. It's 19 x 21

Funny when I sent these two pictures to Kim she said she'd never seen these. I have lots of quilts she hasn't seen pictures of. Lots are pictured in my Picturetrail albums.

When I belonged to the Southern Comforter's Guild in Bowie Maryland, they always had a challenge each year before the Quilt Show.

In 1999 the challenge was to make something representing your state. Lots of them did things pertaining to the Chesapeake Bay since they mostly lived close to it. But I'm in the western mountains so figured
I'd do something that was close to me. It's at the top of the mountain and our old property bordered on the park.

This is my rendition of the First monument built in memory of George Washington.

On July 4 , 1827 the citizens of Boonsboro built the first monument out of the stone found on this side of the mountain. It has been rebuilt a couple times. The first one was not put in concrete. It stands about 20 feet tall and has a circular stair case to walk up to the top. Then you can see the 4 states on a clear day. Va. W.Va. Md. and Pa. to the north. It's on the west side of the mountain and in a State Park. The Appalachian Trail runs right in front of it.

I even made the flags and the Maryland flag is terrible to try to make. I painted them on cloth so they would fly. It is all hand appliqued and quilted. Is 18 x23 in,

It's been a beautiful day here in Maryland today. Got clear up to 48 degrees. Suppose to go higher tomorrow. I will have to get outside a bit then. Today I've been busy finishing up quilting and getting the binding on my Granddaughter Sara's quilt. Just need to whip it down. Then will get a picture up. Thanks to Joan for her suggestion on some of the quilting. I'm learning. Who said you couldn't teach old dogs new tricks.


Carin said...

Eileen I love your miniture amish quilt! That is amazing!

julieQ said...

Oh, Eileen, I love your Amish quilt! I hope mine turns out half as nice. Thanks for commenting about mine, we share a lot of the same colors!


Kim said...

I wondered if that might be your George Washington monument. Great job on those flags! And I've gone though your Picturetrails album before, but of course there's SO MUCH there--well, it's hard to remember it all! LOL!

Kairle said...

Beautiful quilts, Eileen. Is this the same fort that we saw in the pictures of your grandchildren a while back?