Sunday, March 16, 2008

Green Eyed Monster and others

Did I catch your eye with that title?

I've been playing with scraps. Those leftover things you have that you can't throw out. At least I can't. If I have pieces that need cutting off. I'll sew them first and then end up with a whole lot of HST different sizes of course. Some I have trimmed to size that can be used.

These were QST leftovers and played around to see what I could come up with.

Then of course always have lots of different colored HST for the borders.

Can you see the Green Eyed Monster?

Then I was fascinated with Kim's Tulips and decided to make a new Spring runner to put over my washer dryer which happens to be in my kitchen
Mine is a garden of tulips. Just wish I had some in the garden blooming. The daffodils aren't even blooming yet.

This is finished, except for the quilting which I shall do on the machine.

I have another mini I'm working on made out of pinwheels but will have to wait till I decide how to go forward on that one. At least with these I can use up some of those scraps of batting I have been hording.

This next one went together real quick last night. All from scraps and the strips I have cut out of smaller pieces. You know like Bonnie says.
This is a typical way of using flying geese. These have been made from sewing two HST together. All Thimbleberries.

Fun, Fun, Fun.

Yesterday was so nice to get outside. Racked some more leaves off the bank. I use a big tarp and pull it down to the large leaf pile I have at the corner of the property. My neighbor, who likes everything so neat says she will shred them but I think they will be composted pretty much by the time she does it.

Now it's raining out today so guess I'll finish up this pinwheel mini and try to get downstairs and do some machine quilting.

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Patti said...

You have been a busy little bee, Eileen! Isn't playing with scraps wonderful fun! I can think of nothing better to bring out one's inner creativity. Love the little flying geese wall hanging!

Rose said...

I seen the green-eyed monster--clever name for it! I didn't see him till you pointed out that he was there.

Like the tulip runner simple yet so stunning.

Anonymous said...

you are so prolific! just busy busy making quilts. great job! I love them all.......

Dawn in MA