Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Latest Projects

Thought I'd show you my latest projects. Kim's tulips fascinated me and so I decided to make my own tulip garden to go over the washer and dryer. I have one I made a couple years ago that is a Thimbleberry design but thought this would be brighter.

Then yesterday I decided to make another one of these candle mats that I made before Christmas. This is the new floral from the Lakeside collection.

Here's the tulips only stuck up on the board. Not sewn together. Have those little triangles to put in at the top of the stem and in sewing some today I've found they aren't as easy as it sounds, to get them even.
I have about half of them sewn together now since I took this picture last night and with the seams they should be just about the right size for my space. Am just going to put that strip of green for grass on the bottom. The rest will be bound.

Here's the closeup of this cut easy candle mat. I think it took me about 2 hours to make it. Not counting cutting out the strips and back and batting. It is done like a pillow case and now will machine quilt probably 1/4 in. around the basic pattern.
This will be mine. I love this large floral. Bought 3 yards of it so hopefully will use it for the border of a quilt sometime.

I do think that Spring is popping out. The trees are budding and with the temperature going up in the next couple days those daffodil ls out front should be showing their buds.

Thanks for stopping by. Oh, if you haven't stopped by Kim's Adventures in the last couple days you better. She's celebrating her one year anniversary of blogging and has a neat giveaway. Need to leave a comment. She's the best.


Anonymous said...

Nice idea Eileen. Makes doing laundry almost enjoyable. I really like the Candle Mat too. This one of my favorite TB fabrics. I made a table runner with it.

Linda Z

Susan said...

Love that candle mat! E-me about the Orphan Train book, please. I've finished it.

Susan said...

Love that candle mat! E-me about the Orphan Train book, please. I've finished it.

Anonymous said...

I need something to cheer up the laundry room too. Great idea!
and the candle mat is lovely.
Dawn in MA

Marcie said...

So you couldn't resist those tulips! They are really adorable! Love the candlemat also. Neat patterns!

Cheryl said...

What great tulips Eileen and that is one cute candle mat. You have been very productive. Spring is starting to pop out here also.