Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Is Spring Really Here?

I bet Kim really wondered why I put this picture in.

If you look close in the middle is a rhododendron. Surrounded by a whole lot of leaves.
This is the corner of the drive and the leaves settle there and then the snow when it is shoveled off the drive.

Under these leaves is vinca growing and I have to get the leaves off soon.
But it is a job. Fill up a large tarp and drag it down to the back of the property to dump in the leaf pile
When I was out yesterday picking up the dead limbs that came down over the winter I saw our very first spring flower
See the yellow flower. I had to get the leaves off the area so they could show their faces
Here's another one. I've been into wildflowers for years and had not seen this one until the first spring we were in this house. I've looked and looked for it in the books. It looks like a buttercup. The flower comes first and then the leaves
Any ideas out there. ?

We are expecting rains this afternoon. It does look like it. Dreary, not like yesterday which was beautiful.
Here is the next row of my Your Truly Round Robin. We were to have some points in this row. I've used two sets of hand dyes in this The picture doesn't show the difference in the greens. The next round now will have to be something all over I'm thinking. Using the brown and other green I have with maybe some more of the deep pink. Fun to see this grow. The Paper Piecing is so much different than our regular piecing.

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Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The daffs are up and blooming profusely here...your RR is spectacular!

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous round robin! makes Spring and summer seem like they will be here tomorrow.
Love the colors and the workmanship.
Dawn in MA

Kairle said...

Wow...look at all those points! I"m eager to see what the next round looks like.

Kairle said...

BTW, on Monday I saw that my daffodils were trying to push up in my front yard!!!