Friday, March 7, 2008

A Rare Evening Out

Last night I had an evening out. Cost me $20 but that goes to the new library. One of our old citizens died a few weeks ago. His family have been in the town for years and years. His grandfather built a furniture store and with that usually came a funeral parlor. John Bast Jr. was the one who built the beautiful funeral home and filled it with his antique furniture and clocks. He loved clocks and collected many.
He left one of his Grandfather clocks to the new library so the family decided to have a special viewing of the Estate before the sale started today.

This is an overview of the room. Only the very best of things were here for sale today.
I should have gotten a picture of the food table which they had set up in the middle of the room for a help yourself. Of course the wine table also. Thought I would show you a few of the things on display

Just a few of the mantle clocks and on the table a couple different boxes and the Rose Medallion punch bow

Four of the Grandfather's clocks. All signed by the maker, ,most dated around 1751 -75. Many made right here in Hagerstown.
He had lots of cut glass, China etc, but this set really took my eye. I was so glad when I saw in the catalog that they were listed as Meissen-typ Monkey band. I do think they had the Meissen insignia on the bottom.

I have no idea who benefits from this sale. He does have 2 cousins that run the furniture store. But nothing has come out about the will.

Fun evening. talking with a few friends and former students of my DH. Wasn't really gone too long. Was home in time to watch Survivor and the Apprentice with my hubby.

Now some one commented about the tiny pieces in the Amish Mini I showed a couple days ago. That reminded me of another one. Really the very first mini I made.

Here is where it has found it's home. As the quilt covering DD's Chatty Cathy. This doll bed was given to us for our children by a cousin and it belonged to my husbands grandmother. I covered the mattress and DD has kept it very well. Right now she lives under the tables in the basement where I quilt.

Here is a closeup. It is called Seven sisters and was in one of the early quilting magi zines that my DD got. I decided I was going to make it and DD said I couldn't. That along egged me on. Just like the kids when you say they can't do something, they will show you.

The 4 patches are an inch finished. So are all the rest of the squares. HST. I do believe that it is pieced entirely by hand and hand quilted of course. I remember looking for prints and colors as close to the ones in the book as possible.
I see that I had embroidered my initial on one corner and 89 on the opposite corner. So that was before I got involved in the guilds.

At that time I worked on one thing till it was finished and then started something else. Where did I go wrong. Starting so many quilts. Getting the tops made and then starting another. So the basket is full of quilts needing to be quilted. I'm trying.

Thanks for stopping by Hope you enjoyed seeing some of those true antiques. I'd have loved to be out there at the auction just to see how much some of those things go for.
I doubt it the recession will show up at this auction.


Marcie said...

Oh my goodness Eileen! That is one tiny and adorable doll quilt! I love it! You sure get motivated!

Anonymous said...

Love your doll quilt. Nice that DD challenged you.

Most of all thanks for showing the antiques. DH said he would love to have one of those Grandfather Clocks. Sometimes these sales fool you. I have gotten some nice things at sales like this one. Good we aren't there I know he would have bid and he sometimes won't quit.


julieQ said...

That is such a wonderful dolly quilt! I love the pattern and you did great work on it. Wow! What an estate sale! Those clocks are museum pieces!

Anonymous said...

wow.......wish I had a doll quilt like that when I was growing up. that is gorgeous!
You do suck wonderful quilts. Keep on showing them. It is like a mini quilt show that inspires me.
Dawn in MA

Joyce said...

I love your mini! So cute and you made a good choice of fabrics.

The antique picture tour was so interesting. Amazing! Antiques like that go quite high around here. I haven't done auctions since the kids came along. I guess one a few years ago. My MIL frequents them.

What a fun night out - good choice of entertainment and right up your alley!

Kairle said...

Boy, what a sale, Eileen! Love your mini quilt and the music quilt, too.