Monday, March 17, 2008


Since I started working on mini's using up scraps I got to thinking about one I made over a month ago and put back to take with me to work on at a retreat I'm going to at Kansas City where a group of fellow Quilter's Hollow are getting together to talk meet and sew and maybe a little shop hop the first of April.

I did this along with starting that kit with the angel that I showed you which is an applique.

Well I started to look all over here on the porch and couldn't find it. Looked in the bedroom, downstairs and this is the problem of getting old and losing it. UGH

Well, after talking about it with Kim she said maybe I put it with the other things I'd gotten ready to take. Well, sure so I turned the baggie over that I had put the angel things in
well there it was when I turned the baggie over
See that's the back of it
Here is the missing quilt,
All basted ready to quilt. See you can see the border I have marked on it.
That's even the binding in case I get it finished.

Then here is the Pinwheel quilt I finished up yesterday. Made some more geese and put them on the sides.

Made it square.

Now I'm getting the last outside borders on the crazy T quilt. Hope I can get a picture of it latter. It's gotten to be a queen size I think by adding the braids on all sides.


Rose said...

I am so glad I am not the only one that loses things! I have a full sized quilt top that I think has taken off on a life of its own. I cannot find it anywhere.

canquilt said...

Think of all of the quilting we could get done if we didn't spend so much time looking for things. I love the pinwheel quilt.

Marcie said...

Cute -cute -cute, Eilene!