Sunday, September 28, 2008

We've Been Invaded

by STINK BUGS. Those horrible things I told you about last year. They hadn't been around all summer so why now?

Yesterday as I sat here typing and reading my mail about a dozen were crawling all around the screen on my door.

Go out the kitchen door and a couple drop off. They seem to want the heat and catch on the door frames.

They crawl and sit and when you try to pick them up, they will fly away. Sometimes they even land on your head. Make quite a bussing sound when flying.

A little about these monsters. They are about the size of a dime. Have a hard brown shell and if you stamp on them or try to kill them they stink -stink -stink, I usually try to l pick them up and throw them out the door but with them all over the door frame more come in than I'm throwing out. They will eventually die. They do no harm that I can see. Don't bite. So right now I'm leaving them alone.

Just went into town to get some medicine for my hubby and opening the car door there were at least a dozen around the door frame. You would think that the door closing would smash them but it doesn't.

If anyone would like these things I'll gladly give them up.

Now on to watch the Redskins and Cowboys beat each other. Of course I'm a Redskins fan and this is our big rivalry.


Candace said...

Here in Florida we have Love Bugs, which are pesky and bad for car paint jobs, but fairly harmless otherwise. I don't like them, but I don't think I want to trade for your stink bugs.

Sara said...

I won't take them from you - I have my own! They are so annoying and I just can't stand them.

Candace said...

Hi Eileen, I found your blog via Kim's Big Quilting Adventure some time ago and have very much enjoyed your tales! Those bugs sound awful! We don't have much of anything like that in the NW, but while on vacation in Idaho earlier this month, we drove about a 10 mile stretch of road in the late afternoon that was covered in huge, black, live beetles - there were so many sometimes, that you could here the tires crunching them! Hope your stinky bugs find a new home soon! Cheers!