Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exploding Stars

I don't usually name my quilts but this one just named itself. Yes, I finished the BOM paper pieced quit top only.

I had asked for help from all of you and got many good suggestions. The shooting stars outside border fabric I found at Thousand Bolts and love it. Just the thing for all these great blocks designed by Carol Doaks for the group.

If I had thought a little ahead and used all the same fabrics in these blocks they might have gone together better but except for the blue and yellow in the corner I think I have arranged them to be pleasing to the eye.

I took this close-up to show better the fabrics in the borders. That red check with the hearts came out of my DD's stash that I have in the basement. It had a date on the border of 1986. Back about the time when she was making dolls to sell. I liked the check. Then the yellow was suggested in one comment and it was a good one so went looking for a yellow with enough length. Found this. I remember buying it but not what for. It is rain drops.

Thought I would put it on hubby's bed to see how it covered it and did good. But you really can't get the gist of all the blocks. I had thought that this would be a good one to try something like a feather pattern in those large 12 inch quarter square triangles but I don't think that type of design goes with these stars. Guess something will show itself by the time I get around to quilting it.

Now on to finish the plaid quilt top. I got two plaids for the inner and outer borders and backing. Now that the board is empty, almost, I can put those blocks up and decide how to put them together. Why is it so much fun to just make blocks and put them together but not to get around to the long job of quilting each and everyone? Didn't used to be like that. I used to completely finish a quilt before starting another one. It's just all this new fangled stuff that is in our face wanting to be started. Guess they will be finished someday. Maybe one of the granddaughters will find a box of tops and think it's just the best thing to finish up Mamaw's quilts.

On another subject, since many of you might have been watching the weather the last week or so with the hurricanes moving across the islands and into the gulf and then Hanna just moved up the East coast. Yep, we got some of that rain. Over 3 inches last night and today. I had to go to the grocery store in it this afternoon. Course it sort of disrupted the "Boonsbough Days" which was to be today and tomorrow. I'm sure it will go on tomorrow as planned. They come from near and far for a day in the park to watch the historical things that go on and look at all the vendors and buy and buy, especially food. The Fire Company always has country ham sandwiches.

The yard sales started on Thursday in town and all along the pike from Hagerstown. I was really surprised at how many of the older homes on West Main Street yesterday morning were set up on the front lawns. Guess it was a good thing they started early since no one was out today. Normally I wouldn't have tried to go down though town on Sat. That crowd is just not my thing. It's been years since I went down and then it was Sunday afternoon when things were winding down. Usually a good time is had by all.

Just another little tidbit about my little town.


Amanda said...

That is such a stunning quilt - from the picture no one block looks as if it doesn't fit. The borders are such a good match too. It'll look great once it's finished and in use. I'm a start-and-finish person too, I hate to have unfinished projects around. The hurricanes you're all having in your neck of the woods must be disrupting so many things, as well as causing dreadful destruction.

Sara said...

Those stars are great! They just jump right out at you! It looks great and I love the borders. The colors are great and I even like the blue and yellow one.
Hope the rain isn't putting to much of a damper on the festivities!

Eileen said...

This turned out really beautiful. I would never think of that one block being out of place, you've made it fit right in.
What kind of dolls did your daughter make?

Beth said...

What a beautiful quilt! Great solution for having some dark and some light backgrounds in the blocks! I will have to remember that! You did a lovely job...

matilde said...

!Es muy bonita! felicidades por tener ese umor y esas manos maravillosas un saludo desde EspaƱa

Kathy Wagner said...

Great job on putting together all these blocks!