Sunday, October 5, 2008


It has turned cool and beautiful outside. Had a gorgeous sunset this evening; not quite as good as the picture in my header.

But the woods are starting to change like this:

It was taken last year but just as pretty this year. The dogwoods are all getting red.

Yesterday I was out with the weed whacker--my lawn mower--and got all those tall weeds that were going to seed. Still need to get the soaker hoses in as won't need them any more. The back perennial garden is really filling in. Should get a picture as there is still color. That will be for the next time.

I have been doing something. Here is one of the minis I put together a good while ago and finally got it quilted.

The center blocks were leftover funny shapes so tried to make a face with them. I still have loads of those HSTs to do something with. Maybe Bonnie's new book will have an idea only mine would be using 1 1/2 in. instead of 2 1/2 in as she usually uses.

I have sent my Orange Crush off to my quilter in Florida and hopefully she will have it back soon. She said she broke a needle though and it went down where she couldn't get it. That's where Hubbys come in handy.

I have also started on my new hand quilted quilt. It is one I put together a couple years ago using the stars we swapped over a years time. Will get a picture of that also later.

Got to quilt on it for most of the day today. We like to watch Sunday Morning and then the Redskins played Philadelphia this afternoon and I quilted. This one is much easier to quilt than the Feedsack quilt.

Then I have my Buzz Saw quilt that we exchanged blocks last year, getting it pinned to machine quilt. Want to try and find a design that I can follow free motion. Just not good enough to go alone. May end up just doing in the ditch.

Then Hubby hasn't been feeling too good the past couple weeks. Got another infection so have to deal with new meds. He takes soo many. But certainly doesn't complain.

I'm just looking forward to the visit my son is planning for around Thanksgiving. He's had to postpone it from the end of last month when a big project came up at work. He's been working 12 hour days 7 days a week to get it done. He will need a vacation.

I will try for some more pictures the next time. Thanks for stopping.

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Bonnie said...

Cute mini quilt. Take care of yourself too.