Thursday, September 11, 2008

Plaids Revealed

Finally I've finished this top.These blocks have been in the piecing stage ever since I got back from the Kansas City retreat and I saw Julie's quilt on her bed.

Not sure what the name of this block is. Guess I have the pattern someplace but my mind is too forgetful to remember those things. I do know that there is 49 pieces to each block and I have 30 blocks. Yep, one left over which I think I shall put on the back for the label.

Most of the plaids are Thimbleberries. One of the members of my Yahoo group, Patty, maybe two years ago had this swap of plaid squares. and then she fixed them up into really neat order and sent them back with a star pattern. I never did anything with them until I saw this quilt. I did have to add some more plaids and some prints. The brown plaid border I ordered online for. I had also ordered a blue but it was just too bright so went with the red for the inner border. Here's a close up of half of the quilt.

I have the idea of finding a plaid flannel for the backing and using a very fine batting. Saw some plaid flannel shirting in Joann's yesterday and it was 60 in wide which would only require the yardage length.

Here's the other half of the quilt. believe it or not that is the same pattern in all those blocks. It's the color placement that make them look different.

The pieces is high because all those square in squares in the corners were squares sewn on and cut. No I didn't keep those cutoffs. Way to small. Those square in square blocks are only 2 inches square.

Think this might make a nice school quilt for my grandson's college quilt. But I have 4 years to get it quilted by machine.

Now on to something else. Like getting some of these tops quilted. Stay tuned. Thanks for stopping by.


Amanda said...

What a terrific looking quilt, it's hard to believe that it's all the same block and that colour placement can make such a difference. You're right, it's a good masculine looking quilt and I'm sure your grandson will absolutely love it - and be the envy of his college friends.

Jan said...

Your quilt is great--sure hard to believe it is the same block in each one! You did a wonderful job--I love all those colors!!---Anne's Mom, Jan

Candace said...

I love plaids, and your quilt is great. Your grandson will be a lucky young man to take it off to college with him.

Sue R said...

I absolutely *love* this quilt, and I love the fact that it's the same pattern in every block but with different fabric placemats. Just fabulous!!

Tazzie said...

Just gorgeous Eileen, I really love it.

Christine said...

Love this quilt, it is a beautiful


Eileen said...

I agree with what everyone else already said.. those blocks are really terrific. And I love the subtle thimbleberry fabrics.. very soothing.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

flannel backing is my favorite for warmth. Your college student might not want such a warm quilt. But, if you use very light batting, such as flannel with flannel back, it will still be warm, but, maybe not so much. Flannel batting will not show off any quilting, because it'll be so flat. But, you are a 50 year quilting, so I'm not instructing you on anything. Great Quilt!

quiltmom said...

What a fine quilt Eileen-
It will be a very handsome quilt for your grandson. Do you hand quilt everything? How long would it take you to hand quilt a quilt of this size? The plaids look wonderful and it is a very interesting block. Lucky grandson to have a quilt making grandma!
You do lovely work Eileen.

Sara said...

That is a very cool quilt. The colors really do make all the blocks look completely different!

Rose Marie said...

What a fabulous quilt and it is amazing what colour placement can do to change the block look.

MARCIE said...

That is a truly wonderful quilt! Looks like an Ohio Star to me, but the sashing is what really sets it off. What a job!Nice going Eileen!

quiltmom said...

Dear Eileen,
Thank you ever so much for your generous gift from your giveaway. It arrived safely here in Canada and I am going to treasure your beautiful handiwork always.
You do such lovely hand stitching and the cable stitch on the border was particularly lovely.
Regards from Western Canada,

Cathie in UT said...

Love it!
The plaids and checks make such a cozy country look.
If your Grson doesn't want it you can send it on to me! LOL

Kathy Wagner said...

What a fantastic quilt!
And a wonderful gift for your grandson!

Carolyn said...

I love this quilt. All of your quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.