Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This and That and Another

Yes, I have finished another small quilt. Remember the pretty package that Kim had sent to me for my birthday? Two packages of charms and a gift certificate from Fat Quarter shop?

Then she also sent me copies of a couple of the Schnibbles patterns. I wanted to do the Lil Red but it didn't have enough lights so ended up with the Novantique pattern.

I also ordered one of the rolls of 2 1/2" strips so I would have some length for borders.

This is what it turned into.

I used 4 different reds for the inner border and then what was left and some blues for the binding. Sort of like the effect.

I used a scrap piece of the old poly batting so it is really puffy.

I machine quilted it in a couple days. Some free motion in the larger blue setting triangles.

So thank you again Kim for the lovely birthday gift. This is all in Wildflower Serenade by Kansas Troubles.

Then the this and that. Today was my day out. It really started out nice. My friend, sort of second daughter, picked me up at the beauty parlor and we went to lunch. She had some shopping she wanted to do, I just wanted to hang out. So out to the Mall we went. After going through Old Navy and she bought a couple things we went down to Macy's and she found some racks of sale things. It was cool today so I had worn a light weight LL Bean Jacket and saw a shirt I wanted to try on so hung my purse and jacket on the end of the rack and slipped it over my head. Too tight so off it went and I picked up my purse and we went on. Guess you know where this is going.

Being I'm up in age and sometimes I can't remember things too well, on the way home, which is 20 miles from the Mall, I happened to think about my jacket. When I got to the Pharmacy I called my friend Roben and was sure I had taken it off in the resturant and left it on the seat. I asked if she would stop by and pick it up.

Well when I got home, after going to the Post Office and the Library, Roben had called and had stopped at the resturant and it was not there. I was reading my emails and it dawned on me where that jacket was. I called Roben again to see if she would be near Mall. Nope she had a track meet to go to. Her youngest was in. I tried calling Macy's. Have you ever tried calling a large store like that? Got switched from one place to another and no one answered the phone. Finally gave up.

So because that jacket means a lot to me I drove back into the Mall to get it. Yep, there it was still hanging on the end of the rack just like I left it. There was not many people around and you know you can't find a clerk to help you. I just took my jacket and off I went.

One thing at least, I stopped at one of the service stations that has great fried chicken and took supper home. Nothing like getting out of cooking.

What a day. Think I'd been better off staying at home.

Now on to getting another backing sewn together to have another quilt finished. I sent off my Orange Crush top and pieced backing today to the friend in Florida to quilt. Feels good getting these things finished.

Oh, and I finally finished quilting the Feed sack quilt and as soon as I get the binding all sewn down I will get a final picture for you.

Hope your day went better than mine. I hate wasting gas like today.


Paula said...

Your little birthday quilt turned out so pretty! I love the fact that you used different reds for the inner border. Nice. Great job, as always.

quiltmom said...

Hi Eileen,
I am so glad that you found your coat -it was a real adventure for you but turned out well in the end. Hope that the chicken was delicious...

I took the step and posted my first blog post today. Thought you might want to check it out.

Ivory Spring said...

I just stumbled across your blog! What beautiful work you do. I love the colors you have incorporated in your quilts!!!!

Jan said...

Love what you did with your birthday gift quilt!! It's very pretty! Glad everything turned out all right with your jacket and it wasn't your purse that you left hanging there!!!!!! From: Anne's Mom, Jan

Julia S. said...


I found my way here from Kim's Big Quilting Adventure. I am in Thimbleberries and Jo's Little Women with her. Isn't she a wonderful, cretive and funny person. I love the quilt done with the Kansas Trouble Wildflower fabric.
I was given a charm pack and have lusted after the fabric ever since.
I can't get it here, so I will be ordering from Hancocks in P. Kentucky. I just wanted to tell you how cute your quilt is.