Friday, June 6, 2008

We Had a Storm

WOW, what an afternoon Wednesday was. I was sitting here writing to Kim and saw the sky get dark and all of a sudden it started to pour and the wind started to swirl. Didn't really think any thing of it as this happens and it blows over. Then the lights blinked and then went off.
This first picture was taken from the window after the storm left.
This is the bird feeder minus the glass jar that holds the seeds. Didn't take long for the squirrels to find they could get in it.

All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I saw a huge limb fall off the closest oak, then heard the crash of another tree. Some limbs hit the roof of the porch but that was all. Didn't know until it was over that this was the top of the Tulip Poplar. A friend said it looked like the stump was 60 ft. high so you can imagine how high the top was. Another picture has it.

Then I decided maybe I ought to go to the basement but then it was over. Bet it didn't last 10 minutes.

Of course I had to go outside to look and this is what I saw beside the carport.
Just snapped this tall oak off about 6 ft. from the ground. It hit another one down farther and knocked it down.

This is that tree across the top of the lower drive. If the school bus had been there it would have been totaled. Fortunately she had taken it back to the owner. This was the last day of school.
This is the end of that tree knocking out a section of the rail fence.
This is looking down the lower drive. You can see my porch. I'm on the top level. See the large tree with the light colored area? That's where the limb fell off. taken some of the dogwood tree with it.
This is a closer picture. In the upper part you can see the splintered tree. That is the poplar and where it broke off. At least the lower part is still there. DH likes to watch the squirrels play on it. See how fortunate I am that it didn't blow over to the house?

looking closer now that is my perennial garden at the back. I did get most of the limbs and leaves off the flowers. They were just starting to bloom nice. The Dianthus and coral bells. A little area I couldn't get to. Too big a limb.

I took this from the lower porch that goes into the flower room. Wanted to show how the flowers were coming along. Have a few lily's that should be blooming soon.
Another view of that tree that snapped off.

Across the road and up a bit in the woods is a huge oak that came out by the roots. Along the drive going up the hill there was 6 trees blocking the road. all out by the roots. I didn't think you could see them in a snap shot.

This left us without power still two day later and the cable was out also which has my broadband so I just got back online this morning.

I have contacted the tree guy that took down a few for us a couple years ago. But since no damage to buildings or really necessary to remove them immediately it will be about a week before he comes to clean up this mess.

I have been doing a little sewing but now have the last o f the OC quilt setting so
will want to get to that. Too much to do and so little time. DH hopefully will be able to come home from rehab next week so I will have a little more time. That is IF we get out power on. We are fortunate to have a large generator which is running this right now. It makes it possible to flush the toilets and have a few lights on at night. The microwave works also. But not the AC and we are needing that now.

Hope to have a little quilting to show the next time. Thanks for stopping by.


Joyce said...

wow! You really did have it! We had high winds last Friday that sent us to the basement but we missed the damage. Yesterday we were back down there again!

We have had high wind all today and it was hard to even have the windows open! I'm going to quilt with my neighbor/friend tomorrow.

Kim said...

I know I uploaded the photos for you Eileen, but it's interesting to read the explanations of everything. It's amazing! I'm glad there wasn't any damage to the house or, more importantly, to you!

Kairle said...

I'm so glad that you are safe, Eileen. I can't believe how much damage there was. I'm glad that you have someone to come and clean up the mess.

Amanda said...

Crikey, that was some storm. Looks like you caught the edge of a hurricane. I'm glad you have a generator, it would be miserable to have no power at all. Hope things get back to 'normal' soon.

Screen Door said...

Thankfuly you are ok--- My heart breaks with the fence damage...loved that fence...

Lurline's Place said...

Hi Eileen,
Love your blog and thanks for visiting mine! Wow - what a storm - we have had stormy weather here lately, but haven't had any damage.
I'll keep in touch - best wishes - Lurline/Australia.

Candace said...

What a difference 10 minutes can make. Were you home alone? That is one of those things that makes you sad and stressed for all that has to be done, but grateful that the main house and yourself were not hurt or damaged. I hope you get all your utilities back soon, and the tree man makes short work of the mess. I'm sorry that you had to go through the ordeal.

Marcie said...

When you see trees crash that close to your house you can really count your blessings that it wasn't you under those trees! I hope you get your AC back right away. It is so hot here, and I bet it is where you live too. Glad you are safe! Take care Eileen.

June said...

I thank God that you are OK. Stuff can be replaced, and tree limbs can be gotten up, but your precious life cannot be replaced. I am so glad you are still with us. I enjoy your blog so much!