Thursday, June 19, 2008

Moving Day

Today is the day my hubby has been waiting for. A trip in the car and home to some relaxing and a little more control over what goes on.

He has been in the nursing home Rehab for a full month. Hated what some of the stuff they put him through but did it.

They wanted him to push up out of the wheelchair and it was a struggle. His shoulders are a problem. That's why he got the lift chair so enable him to get out of the chair easier but the PT's think he shouldn't have to do that. Well, I think Hubby won out on that one. They don't realize how bad the arthritic shoulders can be.

He surprised me yesterday by getting into bed without wanting an aide . Just swung his legs up and there he was. So will see how things go when he gets out of the car and takes a few steps to get into the house. Only one step up and that is it.

Now on this end, back to cooking, UGH, I really don't like to cook but you have to do what you have to do.

Then we have some company coming on Sat. so have to get ready for 4 little ones for supper. Figure they would like some chili. sure hope it doesn't get to hot. But with the AC on in the house it should be fine. This is a Great niece that just had her 4th, a little girl who is going on a year. I had made her a quilt a few months back. They are visiting the daddy's mother and sister that lives in a neighboring town.

Then because they homeschool the children, Oldest is about 8-9 they are going to spend a week at Williamsburg. Then home to Colorado Springs in the plains.

No pictures today, Just wanted to update on the things going on in my life.

Oh, I should say it's early in the morning and the hummingbird is busy out getting breakfast from my hanging plant.

Time to get ME going . Hubby said to be there by 9 AM. Don't think he is anxious to get out of there. Thanks for listening.


Arlene said...

Dear Eileen,
So glad to hear your DH is coming home today. I am sure he will be much happier. Just don't wear yourself out. I enjoy reading your blog so much. Your "quilting porch" reminds me of how my late
DSIL referred to her little den as her "sanctuary". She would sit and crochet by the hour. She must have made hundreds of afghans to give away. I love seeing your quilting, and other photos from your life. You have such a warm and comfortable way of writing. I
just started a blog, but it still seems so formal and stiff. I can't
figure out how to share it, so it is just a journal for now. Have a great day, and enjoy having your friend back home.

Lindah said...

I can imagine how happy your DH will be to get back home...his own chair...his own bed...his dear wife...HOME COOKING! :-) Hope all goes well now.

I enjoy reading your posts!

Joyce said...

Glad he is coming home! I'm sure he will be glad.

I don't like cooking either!! :p

Candace said...

I'm glad your husband is able to come home, and I can imagine how happy he will be to be back in his own space. I hope that you aren't going to be overdoing. Sometimes a company dinner can be pizza delivery, or Chinese. Add a half gallon of ice cream and a bag of cookies and it's dinner and dessert.

julieQ said...

I know it is hard to care for hubby and take care of all things at the house. Sounds like he is so happy to get to have a break and come home! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.