Thursday, May 29, 2008

Update on the Hotel

.I took my camera downtown the other day to get pictures of the progress that they are doing on our burned out hotel. They just took the barriers away from the front so can see something. The stonemasons have done a terrific job of repairing what needed to be repaired.

The scaffolding is still up on the side of it as the windows aren't finished and they are water blasting the old brick

Here's a little showing the house next door with the boarded up window. They have done nothing to it. This front will look different when they get the porch on it

I walked up the side street to get his picture. They had to completely redo the second story of bricks on this back part.

Here's looking in the back. Fortunately this is a big parking area so plenty of room to put the lumber etc.
See how awful that house next door was damaged.

This shows how much they have done on the restoration of the back. Before the fire they had gotten that second story of brick completed and had the porch on it. There should be a porch on the upper floor also when completed. When they get the roof on the main part then that will all look different.
I should have put a picture of how it used to look. It is way back in last years posts someplace. I don't know how to do those clikable links.
Just another view of the back.

This one I took with the camera long to get the full length of this third story

You can tell where the new brick starts. How spotty the lower brick look.

This is again in the front but of the side towards the house. There was a small shop in this space but looks like they are going to leave it open. Have blocked in the windows on this side. Hope they put some stones on them. They are working on the insides of this front section now. Roof of the first floor and have the center steps going up right inside the front door as they were originally. This was a bar. Will see what she does with it.

More to come later. Fascinating to watch this Reconstruction.


Tazzie said...

I'm glad the hotel is being rebuilt, it would have been so sad if it was torn down. Loving the in progress pictures.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

How exciting...hope all the reconstruction goes well.