Monday, June 16, 2008

The Making of a Garden

What are these you ask? My bucket full of Naked Ladies bulbs of course. I had already taken the top layer off before I thought about taking a picture.

Here's the holes I have dug to put them in along he side of the lower drive. Under the dogwood trees. Planted them and then covered with more mulch which was from the cut down trees two years ago.

This is on the other side of the drive by the house. My perennial garden, Lots of blooms and about 3/4 of this was covered with the downed tree and limbs. So none the worse for wear. Just glad to see some flowers blooming.

After I finished along the drive I dumped them out as there was a lot of dirt on top of the bottom pile. So now to get some holes dug along the side of the carport wall.

Here's one, but the next one I couldn't get the pick to do anything

That is a hosta and in the front a butterfly weed which hasn't bloomed there at all.
So went farther up and got another hole dug

Plus a rock and along the way a few weeds and dandelions and--

here in the middle of vinca a lone sunflower coming up. Get lots of them but never get big. The two feeders above keep dropping them or at least the birds don't seem to be able to keep them in their beaks long enough to crack them open. At least some of them as the carport floor by the car is usually loaded with hulls.

I got these planted and then on Sunday afternoon while my daughter was here she dug some more holes out along the fence by the road and I put the bulbs in and covered them up. So hopefully in August I'll get a couple flowers. If not this year , Next year.

We had another nice rain this afternoon and now the sun is shinning in saying I should get back to sewing those Orange Crush blocks together. I started a row while waiting for my daughter to get up this morning so we could go to Curves. She went to sleep in her fathers lift chair last night with the TV on and didn't go down to bed until 4 AM Guess she felt she was on vacation, away from kids and classes.

One of these days I hope to have a picture for you but then the outside border using those leftover blocks will take more time and I know I will have to make more.

So hope all is well in your world and thanks for stopping by.

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