Monday, June 23, 2008

Family Time

Things seem to be getting better at home with hubby, Had a couple days that were rough but guess that is to be expected.

Then Sat. evening we had company. My great niece and her family from near Colorado Springs came for a few hours. Her Hubby's Mom and Sister live across the Potomac from us and they come every couple years to see them and always come over.

They have four children ages from about 10 to almost one. If you are a reader of my blog you might remember last fall of me making a baby quilt for a new great-great niece named Simile, pronounced to rhyme with Emily. I had also quilted a blue and white quilt for Briana that she had taken about 10 years to piece. So now it is on their bed.
Briana home schools the children and the two oldest play the violins. Their father is a music teacher.
Her she is playing with her Dad's toes. This is the next one in line Sequoia on the right. He was the baby 2 years ago when they were here.

Here she is pulling herself up on DH's wheelchair.She will be walking soon. That's the legs of Soquel, the oldest girl on the couch.

I had made chili for supper with some garlic bread and jello salad and she got up and took her dishes and her brothers to the sink and washed them. Then she ended up washing them all. Guess when you are the oldest of 4 you have to help Mom a lot.

I finally got a good one of her looking at me. I took several but every time she would turn before I got it clicked. Isn't she a doll.

We had such a good time. After playing on the floor for a good while we went outside and they planted the two pots of Spider plant that they brought me. Now can't get any better than that.

Poor Soquel didn't like all the bugs. So she went inside. The two little boys. I didn't mention the older boys name is Squire. They went hunting rocks to build a little well around the plants to help hold the water in when it rains. Not hard to find rocks on this mountain. They grow here. Can't dig a shovel in the ground without hitting a rock.

So with hubby taking a lot of time and company I haven't had much time to sew. Did get a little quilting done on my feed sack quilt. One of these days I might get it done and get something a little easier to hand quilt. I'm just doing to much quilting on this.

Another beautiful day in Western Maryland and hope it's been good wherever you are. Thanks for stopping in.


Amanda said...

How lovely for you to have some young visitors. What unusual names they have - do they mean something special, or are they just 'invented' especially for the children? I'm not surprised you haven't got much sewing done, you must have been very busy.

Joyce said...

So glad to see the pictures!! :D

Hoping this week settles for you & both of you can get back to a schedule more normal. Good that Unc is better at home.

Marlene said...

Glad to hear your husband is home and doing better. Sure hope he continues to improve.

Candace said...

The children are beautiful, and it is a pleasure to be around young people when they are so well behaved. It is nice that they gave you some help while they visited.