Sunday, June 15, 2008

Storm Clean Up

Eileen--It would have made for a more interesting blog post if these guys would have taken off their shirts--particularly the guy in the lime green! ROFLOL!

This is what Kim left for me when putting these pictures in the blog. Figured I'd leave it here. Sorry I didn't think if that Kim.

Finally , the day came when the first crew arrived. Much to my surprise one of this crew was the daughter of the owner. She's the one that answers the phone. Guess they needed help. She looked like she was used to it but not really loving it. Also was very hot

Course they had to start and clean out the top of the drive first. Really didn't take them too long. Cutting up those two trees and chopping up the limbs. Surprising how big that chopper will take.

Unfortunately one of the big logs from the upper tree rolled down here and crushed the Rhododendron that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day. The gal asked what color it was and said it would be replaced. Hasn't been yet.

This is the mess before they started up this machine. The good old chopper. Makes good wood chips to let set and turn into mulch, if there are no termites in it.
The one in the green shirt is the women. Course you see the lime green, had a neat handkerchief tied on his head. The other man in the owner. Which I'm afraid has really over charged us.

.Then another crew came with the trailer to take away the logs.
They really knew what they were doing. The big ones are to come.
See the big split. That's what came off the oak tree outside my window. I'm standing on the porch taking this. One of the guys saw me and waved. That big arm pulls them up and with guidance in they go. They got all the logs on that one truck.
I had to leave before they finished loading that truck. Then this is the next day with the truck with the bucket. He was getting himself around and up to that tree to the right to take off a large limb that was hanging. Did it so neat. Hard to get a good picture looking up like that.
This is how it looked on Wed. when I came home from town.
Can't even tell where the Tulip Poplar broke off. It's the last big tree in the middle of the picture. This big slit in the tree on the left is the first one that fell. I heard the crack. These steps go up to the little porch right outside my quilting porch. There are windows all along the end of the house. My perennial garden is right below along the side of the house.

Now to get the small dogwoods back in an upright position and growing again.

Sure glad that mess is gone and I know I'm going to have a lot more light now.

Am working on sewing my OC together. I'm finishing it like Bonnie did. Even to the borders. Not sure if I will use the bright orange but that might work.

With going to the nursing home twice a day I really don't get much else done. I think my hubby will be coming home next week sometime. They evaluated him this week and he has shown a lot of progress. Just needs a little more.

Thanks for stopping in. I have fallen way behind on visiting blogs. Seems by the time I answer my mail and write to my friends I'm ready to go to bed. Till another day.

This is how the drive looks today. Lots more sun getting into the carport with that tree gone.


Amanda said...

This really does show you what a lot of damage was done, it must have been some storm. I love the picture of your carport - it looks as if the car has been taken up in a lift!

Anonymous said...

You sure are a busy lady. Those trees were huge and it was interesting to "see" how they took them away.
Hope that your sewing time increases soon.
Dawn in MA

Marlene said...

Hi Eileen! Thanks for visiting my blog. It is great to hear from you! I enjoy your blog tremendously.

What a lot of storm damage you had! Hope you can get everything put right and growing again.