Friday, May 23, 2008

May's Paper Piecing project

First is the Block of the Month. Getting towards the end of the year. Maybe have about 3 more.

Carol Doaks gives her group a new block every month. I think she started last September so will have a full year. Enough 12 inch blocks for a quilt. This will be my first full size paper pieced quilt if I get it finished.

Then I have showed you this Your Truly Round Robin as I've finished each round. I'm sure you can see what I have done so far in the back posts.
This month we were to make a round using only two colors but could use different shades of each. I went back into the files to find a block that I could make a flower for this round. This is a two inch finished block
You can probably see the different shades of pink if you click on the picture.

This is the completed flower using two of the above and sewing together. So will be a 4 inch completed. I will have two of these on each side

Then I have made some checkerboard blocks for in between. This is how the one side looks that I have sewn together.
In this picture you see a potion of the whole quilt .That background material is sort of a molted with pinks and light blues.

I'll show it all when I get the last three borders sewn together and on.

It's been a while since I've posted so figured I better show something to keep you all coming back.

But I have really had other distractions the last two weeks since I had my fast trip to California.

My husband ended up in the hospital for a week and then was so weak and unable to stand or walk he had to go back to the nursing home for Rehab. But today they laid down the law with him. Lazy and not wanting to go to the dinning room to eat. Now in Rehab he has to. It's part of the getting him back to be able to come home. Glad they are doing it and not me. So will see how fast he settles down and does as they say. If he wants to come home where he's got it made but needs to walk a little.

But I have been trying to get more quilting time in. I am waiting for Bonnie's next clue and will get this YTRR finished this weekend.

Tomorrow is a big day in my Daughter's life. She has worked hard teaching, taking care of her 4 children not counting her husband and working on her Master's degree in Special Education. She had a degree but not in teaching so she is unable to get a better paying job and her own class without this Master's. Tomorrow morning she gets it from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland and is going to march down and get it. So I am going down to Baltimore tomorrow morning to see her get it. Her oldest just graduated from College last Saturday. We're so proud that she had the spunk to do this.

My granddaughter in Colorado graduates from High School tomorrow also. Her other grandmother will be there. She and her brother will be back here to Maryland for a couple weeks the end of June and I have her gift for her then.

Busy month for everyone. Maybe it won't be so long the next time. At least I wasn't as long as Kairle was in posting.


Amanda said...

What super colours in your star block. It's going to look so vibrant when the whole thing is finished. You must be so proud of your daughter - to achieve something like that while raising a family and working as well is truly wonderful. I do hope your husband returns to better health soon.

Anonymous said...

All your PP is beautiful. It is something I have never gotten the hang of.

You have every right to be very proud of DD. I well remember the College of Notre Dame. We lived very near there until I was 10. Has always been a great school.

Hope your DH listens to the nurses and can regain enough strength to get home. I know this is hard on both of you. However enjoy the time to do some things for Eileen.

Linda Z

Candace said...

I don't know how you find time to quilt with all that's goin on in your life, could it be that you love it? The round robin is beautiful. My daughter is back to school with a family too, so I know what a sacrifice your daughter has made, and how proud you must be of her.

Joyce said...

I was concerned you hadn't posted in a while.

Congrats Ro!! Way to go!!! :)

Love the PP top you have going with Carol. Love, love, love the colors!!!