Monday, May 26, 2008

Graduation Day

Saturday, May 24, 2008, the day that my daughter got her Master's Degree in Education From the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. Held in the Convention Center , Baltimore Maryland.

I left home about 6:45 am. It's about a two hour drive. Arrived plenty early even before DD and kids did. The parking garage was right across the street from the main entrance. I went in and started looking. Remembered what Kim had said , take your camera so while I was waiting I decided I should get a couple pictures of this building. It's huge takes over a city block very close to the Orioles Stadium. I had walked past it many times from harbor place before baseball games but didn't realize what it was.
This is the first picture I took from inside on the first floor. Then decided I should get the front of it so went back outside but not across the street. So this is the front

There is a drive for pick-ups and drop-offs in front of those barriers
Oh, Kim they even had a Starbucks inside on the second level where I went to watch for my family to arrive. Soon I saw them come up the sidewalk
DD had to rush up stairs to check in and I grabbed the kids for this photo shoot.
That's Ashley the artist on the left, Dan the shaggy dog in the middle. What more can you expect from a 14 year old. Then Angela who just finished her first year at Western Florida State University in Pensacola. All great kids.

We went in and found seats and then had an hour to wait before the graduates started to file in at 9:30.

So at least we had someone to play with while waiting.
This doll was being held by her grandfather in the seat behind us. Ashley with her hat on kept making faces at her. She was so good and had the cutest little dress on and little black shoes. Her Daddy was getting his Master's also.

Just had to get a picture.
Finally after two hours it was all over and then to find her. We were all suppose to stay seated until all the graduates filed out. Well, many were going out after they saw their loved one go out. So finally we left by the long way around. It was a huge space out of the auditorium but packed with graduates and families. Then to find ours. Finally Ashley got on her phone and she finally answered and we found each other. She had to go back to a room and pick up the Diploma. They only got a blank cover.
So this is the first picture I got and her face is too light.
This one with the kids is better. Her hair is not red and neither is Dan's but they are both quite curly.
Then this one is better of her and I.

We were all hungry so I suggested we go over to Harbor Place for some lunch.

.This was taken on the steps of the harbor place with the background of the Ship Constellation , Not up on the wars but it is one of the early ones that is harbored here and you can go through it
To get to Harbor Place you can walk the two blocks via these walkways above the streets. Go from the Convention Center, to a couple hotels
Along the way they have this waterfall on both sides. See the main street below and the building in the background is where we are going . Should have gotten a picture in there although it probably wouldn't have turned out. It is three stories of food courts. Anything you want Plus a nice Phillips
Seafood.We found one that had a variety of things so all could get on my bill of course.
DD found us a table outside.
This is a view taken across the harbor. In the far distance is Ft. McHenry where the Star Spangled banner was raised. They have water Taxis that you can ride all over the harbor. They stop at many places along the way. Lots of hotels have gone up along this area. Which was once quite a shipping port. Still is much farther down
I was trying to get another view looking north when Ashley walked in front of me.
Quite a view of downtown skyscrapers.
I did mean to get this of Ashley as she tried to eat her special sandwich. DD had a crab cake sandwich you can see on the right. I had a seafood salad which I ended up taking half home to give some to my hubby and then dropped it all trying to get into the door at the home.
Another view looking south. That is the Pride of Baltimore dinner cruise ship docked waiting for customers.
It was a beautiful day in the 70's.

So after eating we walked back to the parking garage and home. I was very tired but got home about 3 and stopped to see how hubby was doing. He is adjusting to the new floor and making progress each day.

So guess I better get to my sewing before I have to start working again. I do have some completed things to show you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.


Amanda said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful with your lovely family, you must be very proud of them all. Terrific photographs too, I really felt as if I was taking the journey with you. I hope you're going to print them off too and put them into an album. Have a restful day.

Michele said...

Great pictures Eileen! Looks like you had a great time at the graduation.

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! Looks like you guys had a great time together :o) We are going to a pool party today and then I have to bind my uncles quilt. Hope you have a great day! Amie :oD

Sharon said...

Beautiful day for a special graduation and to be on the wharf for lunch. I've been there a couple of times and loved it. I think Ashley's hat is so cute on her. Shame on grandma "Dan the shaggy dog", boy is trying to be in style. Lovely family, your DD looks lot like you but you quit growing and she didn't. Thanks for the pictures.

Sharon (Lootysmom)

Kairle said...

What a great day, Eileen. I'm sure you're very proud!!!

Kim said...

A Starbucks? Why didn't you invite me?! ROFLOL!

dorman said...

Boy, what a job to just leave a note. Do hope everone is doing better. Sure hope Georage get the hang of things. Thanks for the letter and info. Dorman

Joyce said...

Just getting caught up and LOVE the pictures from graduation!!

My favorite is the one of you & Rolinda. Great photo of both of you!

I must say all that sunshine and the water looks so inviting. It is sunny today but I'm in the basement sewing. Hahaha! Tomorrow is to be nice and I'm walking the city w/ K. ;)

And if I'm lucky with timing this post.... I'll be right under a special post. ;)

So Dad... you can post to my blog just the same as you do here. :) love you!