Friday, May 16, 2008

Mother's Day Past

My daughter and two youngest grandchildren, ages 18 and 14 came up for Mother's Day to see Dad and PapPap so I took them to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. No we didn't do all the Hibachi thing but did have a good, different dinner

When we left the waitress brought my daughter and I each a long stem red rose. So Nice. I put it in the wine bottle I keep for turning the angel food cake pan over on.
When going outside to plant the Rhododendron that my daughter brought me for Mother's Day, I saw that this one was blooming on the North side of the house.

But this is the one we planted along the lower drive where I can see it from my porch

Looks like it is the same color at the other one but a long ways away. There is another one on the North side that I think is white. They have plenty of room to get big and fill in that side of the house

This is a quilt I made in the early 90's and keep in my husbands bedroom to put on when company comes so the bed looks better.

This picture is dark but if you click on it might show up better.

My first time I took a class at the Lancaster show it was with Philomena Duncan and the class was on doing the Celtic designs. I bought her book and one of her templates which I have never used. Except for some quilting designs.

So in this closeup of the center it shows what we did in the class. When I got around to trying to decide what to do with it I got busy and made lots of bias strips using her metal pieces for ironing and started to make the design around the center design. This quilt sort of evolved. I did not have a design of the whole quilt when I started. At the time we were traveling a lot back and forth to Colorado and also with our Antique business.

So these are all hand appliqued.

Then I started to make Star blocks. Went through my books looking for different ones using all the blues and that orange. I wrote the name of each of the blocks on them. They are 12 in. completed. All different.
I made them on the machine, but as you can see the background is all crosshatched in 3/4 in squares which happened to be the size of the larger template I had.
This star is called the Christmas Star.

Then I made more of the design for around the out side edge.

I put this quilt in the Lancaster show one year and came back with the critique from the judges "Should this have been in the group category? "

Couldn't they see what the name said? I think they figured that the writing was someones name. DAH

So this is the last, I think , of the quilts that I have made in the past to show you. Hope you enjoyed seeing what I did in the years before the internet took over.

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Lindah said...

WOW! What a gorgeous quilt! Thanks fr letting us see it. Did you do that 3/4" quilting? on your DSM? or on a long arm? It really sets off nicely the complicated block designs.

Your rhodies are so pretty. We have them here in CA, but somehow, they look out of place here to me. Azaleas and rhodies look best in the MD/VA/etc climates. IMHO I miss seeing them in their native habitat. And the mountain laurel. sigh.

Lindah said...

It just ocurred to probably did that quilting by hand!
Whichever way you did is mighty fine!

atet said...

That quilt is amazing and so are the rhodies. My grandfather loved rhodies and retired to Oregon so he could indulge his passion for them. Thanks for the smile and the memories :0).

Marcie said...

Eileen, another beauty from you! So much has gone into that quilt. It is lovely! So sorry to hear of your sisters passing. Nice that you could go be with family. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hello, your quilt is amazing! Don't you wish quilters all had like 150 bedrooms with bads so we each quilt we made could lay on it's own bed? :o)

I wanted to tell you..IT came today!! YES, THE Judy Martin book!!YAY!! I'm going to study it starting tonight. I think your Ky. Log Cabin is prettier that the one in the book. Amie :oD

Annie said...

That quilt is "just wow"!

Sharon said...

Georgous, Eileen. I didn't realize that you did paper piecing, I know oyou porbably mentioned it and I forgot.