Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Finally finished

Finally got the tulip quilt bound. Looks really springy now up over the washer and dryer in the kitchen.
Just another project border finally on. Guess it won't be long now till Carol Doaks gives us the last border.

This softens the whole thing. We were only to use two colors but could use different shades.
The flowers at the bend of the last row just seemed to go with the soft green and pink background finishing it off. Now I'm thinking I need to use that brown for the final round, If it is the final round.
Seems the months roll around so quick. One more week and it's half way through this year.

Then on the second of June my Hubby has his 79 birthday. Boy are we getting old. He's doing better but has to get the fluid build up out now. That is one thing about heart patients that has to be kept under control.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend.


Candace said...

Your tulip quilt is so pretty. It would almost make it a pleasure to do a load of wash. I love the soft colors and the pattern of your quilt. I guess the RR you are doing is also a mystery? I have a granddaughter whose birthday is June 2nd. Happy birthday to your husband, and I hope that he is improving.

BusyLittleQuilter said...

I love the idea of hanging a quilt behind the washer and dryer! Now I want to go see if I have space for one!

Your husband fluid problems sound like my friends grandmother's problem. Every time they lower the amount of her lasix, she's back in the hospital. I hope he's better, soon. Tell him happy birthday for me!

Anonymous said...

those tulips are lovely. just the ticket to cheer up the laundry chores.
your paper pieced mystery is gorgeous. keep up the good work!
and a very happy birthday to bubby.
Dawn in MA

julieQ said...

Very pretty tulip quilt! Love it over your wash area, it really perks it up. Best wishes for your dear Hubby.

atet said...

Those tulips are just lovely and so is your round robin piece. Congrats to all the graduates in your family as well :0).