Saturday, May 10, 2008

Ella Mae

I'm home from my short visit to California and what a wonderful time to visit and see old friends. To bad it usually happens when a loved one passes on to that better life.

I left Baltimore at 7:15 on Sun. morning and went to Houston. This is the picture of my plane to San Jose. I must say I was very surprised at the breakfast we got. They said snack and that is usually drinks and some peanuts. But we got a tray with a small bowl of corn flakes and little bottle of milk, a banana .

Then on the way to San Jose we got lunch. A small round pizza- cheese steak they called it. A nice bowl of lettuce salad with some dressing and a kit kat bar and of course drinks. This was Continental. So I recommend flying with them.

Arrived on time and was soon met by my sister's youngest, son, well, he is over 50. Then my Nieces' husband got there from Denver in about 15 min. We took off for Santa Cruz. Calling my big Bro. on the cell and he was in front of us having come down from Oregon.

Went to the church where they were still having some gathering after lunch for the family. Sure good to see everyone.

They all decided to go with us for our annual Crab Louie's on the Wharf..
This is a picture taken towards the end of the bay and the lighthouse is on the end. My niece's husband was responsible for restoring it.

Here is the Seafood restaurant we always go to.on the end of the Wharf. Should have gotten the picture from the front but the sun was in the wrong place.

Then looking back towards Santa Cruz and the Boardwalk. Boy, have they improved it. Have some new rides. Been a long time since I was on the board walk. Used to love the penny arcade as a kid.
Then the gang was going back to my nieces but my big brother said I had to go back to the room and go to bed. It was about 11 PM my time and I had been up since 4 AM.
So back to the Inn. Can't spell the name but its and old one with beautiful gardens where they have weddings. My pictures of that didn't turn out.

But this is our room. I was rooming with one of my BIL's nieces from Denver. See, I already messed up my bed.
Then the next picture is the Chest that held the TV.

I never even turned it on. But did end up leaving my new robe hanging on the bathroom door. My niece has it and sometime I shall get it back.

On Monday morning the family met at the cemetery for a little service. My sister was a florist and her 3 daughters are great on designing flowers also. Ella Mae also had several orchids and the center piece of this casket arrangement is made up with 5 orchids from one of her plants that was blooming. They stand for the 5 children. Then two in front are my sister and Brother-in- law.
Then 5 green large leaves hanging down. The center came out and was taken to the church for the Memorial Service.
This is the 5 children and my two brothers and I facing them.

At the service they had a huge screen which started out with this picture of her at about 18.Her eldest son was telling about her life and later his son and wife sang her favorite song, "In The Garden"
During the service they had a collage of pictures of her life. Several of us as youth and the last one was taken 2 years ago at my son's home in Colorado. Of the two of us. The last time I saw her. I will certainly miss her. But had a wonderful time getting back in touch with all of her children and their children.

This is my big brother from Oregon and his oldest son that lives in Seattle talking to my oldest niece who had spent the last 4 months care giving her Mother.
They had a wonderful buffet for all the guests and we spent the whole afternoon talking with old friends.

Now they also gave each of us a DVD of the pictures. I'm anxious to watch it again. But need to get my DVD hooked up and learn how to work it.

But my DD and two of her children are coming tomorrow and Dan will have his laptop and we can all watch it. They really didn't know my sister since we lived on different coasts.

Thanks for reading and reminiscing with me about my trip. More tomorrow.


Amanda said...

You must have such mixed feelings about having such a wonderful trip but for such a sad purpose. But isn't it wonderful to be able to catch up with family members that you rarely see. That's the great thing about family, you always seem to be able to pick up where you left off.

julieQ said...

Sounds like you had a bitter-sweet trip. Some good and some sad. But I am sure it was wonderful to see everyone. Happy Mother's day!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Sounds like a very nice time remembering and paying tribute to your sister. I'm sorry for your loss.