Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Day Out

Today is my day out. I go to Curves and then my weekly hair appointment and any shopping I might want to do, or what my DH wants me to do. I had some Florescent lights to return to Wal-Mart, Then I had to stop at the grocery and pick up some things. Lowe's to return some gutter covers that we didn't use. Since it was the first of the month of
course I had to go to the Credit Union to take care of some business, Geeze, nothing for ME. Nope then to the Seafood Resturant to pick up some Soft Shell Crab. A favorite of DH. For those of you not from along the Cheaspeake Bay, The Blue Crabs at a certain season shed their shells and at that time they are call Soft shells and you eat the whole thing. He likes them fried and on toast. I'll take a crab cake any day.

Enough about that. I'm hoping to get Kim to put in a picture for me since I don't seem to be able to. I did find the place to give her permission to post here. Since she always seems to be talking about me I guess I can talk about her.

It's funny how we got to be such buddies. Yes, I'm old enough to be her Mother. We found out we had so much in common. Our Birthdays are a week apart. In July. We were asked to take charge of the swaps etc on the Hollow and it seemed everytime I posted something , she comes along and says almost the same thing. She had helped me immensely with working the Juki for quilting and if you can teach someone to do this through the internet she has done a terrific job of it. Course I still try to get her to try some hand quilting. After all if you can applique, why not hand quilt?

I want to show you what I am working on now. Hopefully she will be able to put a picture in for me. You will be able to see what I did with the Thimbleberries quilt for this year. I also did it half size or Pint as some say. But am still waiting for the final large floral print to use on the border. Half and half if it looks right.

When we get this going right I want to show the rest of the blocks that I have done for Quilter's Garden. The fourth one is Cactus Flower.

I have the sixth one cut out so will probably get it sewn up this evening.


Mar said...

Love you Pint size quilt, good choice on the border. You did the best things for yourself... hair and exercise! Wish I could help with the blog problems, but I'm a newbie myself.

Sharon said...

Love your pint size version of the Club quilt. I am also doing mine pint size.