Monday, September 17, 2007


I have 6 grandchildren. My daughter has 4. 2 boys, 2 girls, Now she has 3 of them in college this year. My son has 2. The two blonds on the right in this picture. They live in Colorado so we don't get to see them very often. This picture was taken this summer when they visited for a few days with us and then Their other grandmother had them for about 3 weeks. The other girl on the left is Ashley, my daughters oldest girl. She's in her second year at art school in Philadelphia.

Notice Chris has this blond hair. getting a little darker than it used to be. He's 13.

Well, last night I got an email from my son with a couple pictures. This one below

Chris said in the email, Purple Hair eeeeee!!!!!

I wrote back and said whats the story. Nothing he went to a salon to get it done. With his own money.
Now Why would a nice looking boy with nice - but long, hair want purple hair? Just like the hippies in the 50's.

Guess this is the style in the Mountains of Colorado. What do you Think?


Kim said...

Oh, my, I didn't realize it was PURPLE, Eileen! This morning, with my eyes half shut, it just looked brown to me! LOL!

Kairle Oaks said...

Cute grandkids...purple hair or not. Sure, easy for me to say...I haven't had to deal with tha one. lol!