Tuesday, September 4, 2007

This and That

Hopefully the picture I want will come here. We have an old stump in the yard that every year gets all this fungi growing. The picture i had put in yesterday went in the wrong place. I just have to learn about this.

I also uploaded yesterday block which is called Star Gazer, it ended up at the very bottom. I'm going to put in the third one will see where it ends up. Kim has been trying to help me but I can't seem to find the pages that she says where the things are.

This next block is called Bleeding Heart and I really like this one. Seems all I get is a pop-up which I think is MSN blockers. Can't take them off.

We are having the best weather. Cool 70's but going up. To bad everyone has to go back to work.


Sharon said...

Don't fret, Eileen, we'll find the pictures wherever they pop up. We have a tree stump in our yard that does the same thing once the rains begin. Slim pickins on rain this summer. I really like your blocks. These will make a beautiful quilt.


Mar said...

Keep bloggin Eileen, we love hearing from you.

Kim said...

That Kim is really no help at all, is she?! ROFLOL! Well, at least you have photos somewhere, and the space where your photo goes no longer shows orange fungi!

Yvonne said...

We don't care where the photos are....your blocks are wonderful!