Thursday, September 6, 2007

My Ongoing project

Hopefully I have found how to upload to the text. Above is a picture of a BOM from Joann's which was given to me in all the packages including the finishing blocks and borders. It was fun putting together. I am not one to buy kits.

One thing I found was Joann's is really good. When I got down to getting the setting triangles into place, I was missing one large one. Found their website and emailed. Within a day I had an answer, Yes, they had one and would be mailing it right out. What a relief. This was a 2004 BOM.

During the time that I was piecing the blocks and putting them up on my design board, my DH was having home health care nursing twice a week and she seemed to really like watching it being made. Then one day she asked if I ever sold any quilts. she wanted one for her Queen size bed. During the next few days I looked to see if I had any that was big enough that I would get rid of. UGH Got to be careful as my DD is a little possive.

I measured this one and found if I added the 6 in. dark green border it would be big enough for a queen. Asked her if she would like it and her eyes lite up. Well, I also needed to get it quilted. So set aside the one I had been quilting and started. She wasn't in any hurry, But by winter. So I have taken a couple pictures of the quilting. Hope they show up. I am on the outside border. Have about 2 sides to go so in another month ought to finish.

Seems I'm not able to find the photos that I finally got upload. Where could they be? Is there a certain place I need to click to bring them where I can put them where I want?

So I am going to put them at the bottom where I had the first ones. So go clear to the bottom of the other posts and look if you want. Hopefully soon I'll get this figured out.


Yvonne said...

Your quilting is gorgeous Eileen. The quilt looks wonderful. I can understand your daughter being possive of your

Kim said...

That's looking really great! What a nice thing to do for your husband's nurse! I had forgotten that quilt was the one from JoAnn's.

Pat said...

The quilting looks nice Eileen. I'm sure George's nurse is going to be thrilled!

I'm sure glad you were able to get the missing triangle ;-)