Sunday, September 9, 2007

My New TV

This is what I did on Sunday.

My old TV screen went fussy and no picture. Fortunately I could still use the web.

You see I don't have a computer but what used to be WebTV, Now is MSNTV 2 Much better. That little box next to the TV is it. I use a wireless keyboard and mouse. Just don't have the monitor and all the other problems that you do on the computer. Most of our stuff is stored at Sunnyvale and we get upgrades every so often. Some times good some times not.
This all goes through the TV and it's my monitor. I can do everything excpet play the CDs etc. and of course upload those pictures.
Any way on Sunday, my DH said why don't I go to Best Buy and get a new TV like his. Yah we got him a new 26" HDTV about 6 months ago and of course he had to get it hooked up to the HD and sports channels.

After I saw how nice and slim that was I had it in my head that I was going to get one also. My cabinet has just so much room. The old TV took that whole top and I kept the MSN box on top.

So it took me all day, between watching the Redskins WIN and getting dinner to get this all hooked up. Boy is it nice. The screen that I see now is so much better. I guess because of the size. It is 19" my old one was 20" but square.

Also you see I need my own TV as I like to watch the baseball games and DH doesn't. In fact most of the time he has his muted. Says he can't understand most of it. Bad ears even with hearing aids.

Finally we - Kim and I have got this thing worked out with the pictures. I send to her and she uploads. From what I can find out, when they, Blogger, changed to let video's uploaded, it took our ability to upload pictures. I did find all my pictures I had put in and they disappeared. They are in the Picasa storage.

Thanks for visiting with me and for the comments.


atet said...

I have some serious television envy going on here. I just found your blog through Kim -- lovely quilts and welcome to blogland!

Yvonne said...

Cool TV

I'm glad you and Kim got that all straighten can be so frustrating. Don't tell Kim I said so but she is a pretty special lady.