Monday, September 3, 2007

The Beginning of Fall

WOW, I couldn't believe that I got 17 comments on my very first post. But then when I saw what my dear friend Kim had written. I can see why. Thank You one and all. I probably have visited your blogs at one time or another.

Now I am having problems in getting pictures where I want them. I don't have a computer but MSNTV 2 and I can't do everything that the computer does, but try. I put at the bottom, which is the only place I seem to be able to upload too, other than the heading., A picture I took yesterday around a stump in the yard. Seems every fall we get quite a showing of fungi. This is just a small clump.

I wanted to also put in my next block but until I can get this figured out. Now I see the fungi picture has appeared up on the sidebar. That's where I want to put my picture. HELP.


Jeanne said...

Welcome to the land of blogs! I predict you'll have no regrets and will meet even more online friends!

Pat said...

I see your next block on the bottom of the page where the 1st one was.

I'm not sure why your photos are popping up different places. Maybe you can send Kim will be able to figure it out for you. She's really a pro at this stuff... It takes me forever to get something posted! LOL.