Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Note from my Daughter and my Quilt

When I got home last week, I saw this hanging on my little quilt I had put together before going to retreat. It's made from leftover HST . If you look close at the bottom row you will see what she was telling me. Yep " Mom did you notice the mistake"?
Sure I did, just hadn't taken the time to rip and redo. It has been done now. At least she looked at my wall to see what I was working on.
Now Here is the missing pictures. I hadn't looked at all the folders. Really need to learn more about how this thing works.
This is my gift. If you click on the picture you probably can see the fabrics and even some of the writing. Each member made a block consisting of two 9 patches and two square in square which the center was to be beige and written on. Some had really nice sayings. Others just their name and state. It is all Thimbleberries fabrics and I love it. I have taken some closeups so you can see up close some of the names and writings.Another one Then I love the backing and look at this neat label. One of the girls made it on her embroidery machine. That will last foreverIsn't this daisy fabric wonderful. Such a great group of gals on this Internet list. We have more fun and will show more that we did in the future.
This coming week will be a busy one for us. Tomorrow he sees our regular doctor. Tuesday I get my day out. Had to change my hair appointment to Tuesday and Hubby has to have a procedure with the Urologist on Wed. morning. Then Thursday if he is still doing OK he will get those teeth out that were scheduled about 6 months ago and canceled when he had to go into the nursing home. So Hoping in between to get some sewing done.
I did finish up the top of a neat runner. Just using up scraps again. Will get a picture soon. I would like to get this quilted before taking a picture. But will see.
See you soon


Mrs Quilty said...

I can't see any mistake in that block! That 9 patch quilt with quilter's signatures and message on it is amazing! What a great idea! I mean, we meet all these quilters by blogging but that brings them right to us! Very very nice! I hope everything goes alright for you and hubby this week!!! I'll be thinking of you!

Mrs Quilty said...

Eileen, I just wanted to say I looked up that retreat center and what a wonderful place! Peaceful and beautiful!! Was your retreat a quilting retreat in connection with a religious retreat? Sounds perfect to me! So glad you could do this! I'm sure it helped you regroup! Make it an annual (or more) habit!!! take care!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

The note from your DD is a hoot.

I am so pleased that you were able to find the folder with your pictures from the retreat. Love them!!! and look forward to the others that you will be sharing. Your week is going to be a busy one. An one step at a time (or I should say, one appointment at a time...) is how you will get through it.

It is touching to read the comments on your quilt. You make a difference in some many lives - especially some one like me - a blogging friend.
Thinking of you and sending a prayer for week to go well, and that you have the time and energy to quilt a little in between all the comings and goings on your schedule.


Candace said...

I had to look awhile to find your "creative license". It still looks mighty good to me. Your gift quilt is awfully beautiful, I'll bet you have to go back in the room now and then just to look again. I would.

quiltmom anna said...

Your wallhanging is just great - I am not sure if I found your mistake or not- does it have to do with the centre block? It is lovely the way it is - isn't quilting about intrepretation and variation?:o)

Your retreat quilt is really spectacular and I love the gorgeous daisy back.
Your friends did a great job for you,their special friend. What a nice way for them to celebrate your friendships. I am sure it will be treasured always.

Time for bed,
I am nodding off from the heat and the fatigue of the first day back at work.
Warmest regards,

Kim said...

Funny that your DD left you a note on your block! LOL! I'm glad you figured out where the photo of the TB quilt went and were able to post it--it really turned out nice. Now you have something to remind you of how much we all care about you!

Shasta Matova said...

It is good that your DD is watching out for you, keeping you safe from quilting mistakes into your quilt. Your gift quilt is amazing. It looks beautiful, and such a wonderful tribute to you. I have some square in a square blocks, and I am thinking now that maybe I should use nine patches with them!

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