Friday, August 7, 2009

Busy-Busy Week

First of all, Hubby is doing really good, once we got the right diuretic for him. His feet are looking more normal all the time and he seems to have more energy. Not that he's ready to get out and walk around the block.

But look I finally finished the Double Delight by Bonnie Hunter. I love it but don't know when it will get quilted. Why do we just love to piece these quilts when we don't have time to quilt them?

On Tuesday Hubbies friend came down and stayed with him so I could ride with my son and my grandson to Lancaster so Chris could spend the with week with my daughter and her three children, playing games. They all love to play all kinds and Dan has gotten quite good as he started when he was about 10, maybe younger

I was so glad to see Ashley , the artist ,as she had cut her hair. This is the three of them. Her hair is curly now too. It had been way down her back and the only one with fairly straight hair.
Course Dan, the one whose eyes you can't see has really curly hair. Isn't this a pair. Angela was sleeping so I didn't see her. They will all be going back to school soon. This is the first blossom to open on my campannela, or blue bells. It is really a rock garden plant. Has lots of buds.
This was taken a couple days later. Three blossoms open now.

I have a project I'm working on right now but that is for the next blog. With my son here helping , Hubby has been going through drawers and cleaning out so of course I have to help and get rid of the stuff. Have been keeping the shredder busy. Bills from way back, why do we save them.?
So back to my project. More later.


Nancy said...

You have been busy!!! Congrats on finishing your Double Delight...... mine is still in yardage and FQs over there in a box :o( Someday.......

quiltmom anna said...

The Double Delight quilt is beautiful Eileen- It is always nice to get a quilt pieced together, I an sure that you will soon have it quilted too.
Your flowers are lovely. I am sure your grandchildren had lots of fun together.
Time to trim the star quilt- Yes it is all quilted- now to trim and bind it.
It sounds like your husband is doing much better - that is nice to hear.
Warmest regards,

Mrs Quilty said...

I am so glad your hubby is feeling better!!! Those blue flowers are so pretty! New blossoms can really cheer one up!! Your Double Delight is beautiful!! Looks like quite an accomplishment....just enjoy it and when it's time to get it quilted, you will do it. I usually have to wait awhile until I have the money...getting them quilted is not cheap!!! But they are so worth it! Lovely work!!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Wow, you have done an outstanding job on your Double Delight.
You have been busy! Especially with the kids - young and old.
Your DH is sounding stronger, and hope your strength in keeping up too.

Thinking of you this weekend.

Deb said...

that double delight is gorgeous! I love it too.. you did fantastic!! glad your DH is feeling better and great you have a good support system with the kids. can't wait to see what is next!!