Saturday, August 8, 2009

A Big Surprise At My Door

Thursday morning there was a knock at the door and when I went to see there was nobody. Well I looked down on the floor of the carport and this is what I saw. The mail lady does this. Brings it to the door and knocks and goes on her merry way. In case you are wondering what that is in front of the door. It is the new ramp my neighbor built so we could wheel hubby up into the house instead of him trying to step up. It works great.

I looked at this huge box and couldn't figure out who was sending me something. I hadn't ordered anything. Then looked at the name and it was Carol from Carol's Crafty Creations. This was the box of Kansas Troubles scraps that I won on her blog. I sure didn't expect that much.She must have decided she didn't like it anymore or didn't have a place to stash them so gave them away. I opened the box and the top was stuffed with papers. She didn't want it mess up this cute bag she had to share. It had pink handles and all. Cute.

Well I opened it up and started to take out the scraps?

See what I pulled out first. Stacks and stacks of charms and bigger pieces.Look at the stack of 6 1/2 in HST in different fabrics. I've made good use of them. Then in the background see the house. Used it also. Isn't this cute. I haven't had or bought any KT but the gals on the Hollow group have been talking about them and going to a KT club out in Kansas City of course. In fact the retreat I'm going to at the end of this month started out as going to the KT retreat but then it was canceled and ours took over but sort of moved to Dayton, Ohio as one of our members who has a quilt shop outside of Dayton. She found us a place and it took off. There are 20 coming and it includes a couple KT people so now I have some Kansas troubles fabric gals.

The past two days I have been playing with these scraps and have finished something which I shall show tomorrow. Thanks for stopping. It's so much fun to receive a giveaway.


AverettLadyNana said...

Wow, what a great bag of scraps! Can't wait to see what you made with them!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise and very generous scraps! :)

quiltmom said...

What a nice collection of scraps for you to win - I am sure Carol was thrilled to give them to someone who is going to love them as much as she did- You are going to have even more fun at the retreat with them. I can see some more beautiful projects coming from these scraps.
Have a great time playing Eileen.

Cheryl said...

That's a wonderful bag of scraps. KT fabrics are so wonderful and love your house!!

dianne said...

score! i can hardly wait till tomorrow to see what you have done with all those scraps!

Orcsmom said...

Lucky lady you are! Have a great time playing with all of those wonderful, beautiful scraps! Glad to hear hubby is doing better. You take care!


Gran said...

I am very happy that you won the KT Scrap Bag! It's Huge, and looks like a wonderful pile to play with. That Carol sure has nice scraps! I won the other scrap bag and it is full of fun squares too! Isn't blogland fun with special blogette's like Carol who gives neat things away called scrap bags. Hey, Kim won something this weekend. Three mints in one.

Well, I am going to go for this evening. I can hardly wait to see what you post tomorrow.

Betweens said...

this looks like so much fun and it is always a great way to start or end a day with fabric that gives you incentives. I love the house block too.. can't wait to see the end product of what you come up with.