Sunday, August 16, 2009

And The Winner Is--

Drum Roll---- the winner of the 30's scraps is Candace number 28 which is what number Hubby choose out of 30. So Candace please email me your snail mail and I will get this out the first of the week. Thank Yon all for visiting my blog.
The weekend was fun at our house. DD came up with her roommate who has opened her home to her and her kids when they are around . She needed help and my DD needed a new home near the old one to keep tabs on the youngest still at home who is 15. M. has 4 cats and DD is a cat lover so she also wanted to bring the most lovable one up for her Dad to have a little fun with. He would so love to have a little cat or dog but with his condition and having to get around with a walker or wheel chair ,we are afraid that it would not be a good situation. So this is Ginger. She did make herself at home but would not stay on Hubby's lap for petting. We decided she was a ladies cat. Not used to men in the house although Dan the youngest plays with her a lot when he is there.
Ginger was rolling on the floor and on her back which is what I was trying to get but as soon as the camera clicked she rolled over like this. She was a stray that wondered in and knew that this house liked cats and soft hearted M. fed her and soon let her in the house. She was just a kitten.

I couldn't resist taking this picture although there was not enough light and I was to far away for the flash to work. This is how Dan and M. spent most of Friday night and Saturday. Both with their laptops and enjoying the day. DD was also in the chair by me with her laptop. Such is the world of this generation. I took the chance to get a little hand quilting done.
Am getting close to the end of the Sunbonnet Sue quilt. Have the side setting triangles to quilt and the border. The center is down. I am taking it with me this coming weekend to our Hollow retreat in Dayton Ohio. The gal who owns this quilt will be there and thought I would give her a chance to see what I have done so far and also the rest of the ladies. Give me a chance to work on it also.
Hubby is coming along pretty good so far. I am looking forward to the little vacation. DD will come up Thursday night after working at the school to get her room ready, and stay with her Dad. She probably has more patience with him than I do.
Till the next time and thanks for stopping by.


Mrs Quilty said...

That is a beautiful cat! Looks just like one I had long ago. I love the name Ginger! Sure fits! I am happy you get to go to a retreat and recharge your batteries! Wonderful to have a daughter who is willing to help out and take care of her Dad! I hope you have a wonderful time!

quiltmom anna said...

Hi Eileen,
Congratulations to Candace - she is a lucky lady.
Ginger is a gorgeous cat and reminds me of my Mars cat. Mars is a bit of a diva- she decides who she goes to and, more importantly,which place she will visit you.
She loves to sit with my husband in the living room and will come and mash me if I am in my bed. She is not much of a lap cat but is more so now than in middle age ( she is nearly 11.
Sounds like you have had a wonderful family weekend. Enjoy your hand quilting time.
Warmest regards,

Kim said...

Congrats to Candace! And good job to you for cleaning out your scraps!

Lindah said...

I'm so glad you are getting a break. Have fun!

julieQ said...

Pretty little ginger kittie! Isn't it funny that we have a "laptop" generation? I am so glad you had a good visit, and congratulations to your winner.

Candace said...

I'm a lucky lady, and I love my goodies. I'll be posting on my blog soon. thank you so much Eileen.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Eileen - I am catching up after being wrapped up in my own world here. Nice blog - the cat and visitor are wonderful to have come to visit you and DH. Isn't the lap top world an interesting one. I can see you all sitting around, they with their lap tops and you with your hand quilting.....and I can hardly wait to read your next one.