Monday, May 4, 2009

Project done and ramblings

Time to give an update on what I've been doing and how Hubby is doing in his rehab. Thursday I brought him home and the Occupatiental Therapist came to see how he would do when he came home.
He really surprised me. Coming in and walking with his walker of course, straight through the kitchen to his lift chair in the living room. He really has missed this chair. He sat for awhile and the the OT said to get up without rising the chair, and walk to the bathroom. Which he did. Sat down without help and we went to the kitchen. He said he would call when he was done. Nope He got up by himself and started to walk back to the kitchen.
I had pulled out his high topped chair with high arms and wanted to see if he could get up out of it. Rested awhile and got up with no trouble. He certainly has come a long way in the month that he has been in rehab. He really wants to come home.
Before I went down for him I had a phone call from the nursing home saying that he was scheduled to come home on May 15. Just perfect as our son will be here that day to spend a few days with him.

Now here is my most recent finished project. This is the Pineapple Blossom blocks that the group I'm in swapped for out Friendship quilt for the year. I made a few extra block to get the size I wanted to fit my table. Hubby had complained that the quilt didn't cover the whole table. This one does. The blocks are just six inches and it takes four of them to make one of the stars. Fun figuring a design with them.
I just finished machine quilting it this week and got the binding all down yesterday. Was anxious to get it on the table. Really like it. You can probably see some if the pencil lines in the border where I have the Bishops fan. It's not perfect by far but is finished.

Friday, I had a second injection in my back but this one doesn't seem to be working very good. He was trying to work with the right leg and center back that had been hurting. Just a trial and error thing. So will see.

We have had 3 days of foggy rain and enough is enough. We needed it but lets have a little sunshine now. So back to the hand quilting. I am getting a lot of that done on the Sunbonnet quilt and a lot of reading. Just finished the new Elm Creek book - "Lost Quilter" So good.
Thanks for stopping by.


Linda said...

What a beautiful quilt. Glad your husband is home.

Anonymous said...

I like the quilt for your table! Glad U Geo will be home soon. Good progress - he must have been working hard.

Candace said...

So glad your hubby had a successful trip home, Eileen! It must get lonely without him...nice to know he'll be able to come home soon. Your pineapple quilt is so richly colored - perfect for the table.

Lindah said...

So glad to hear of your hubby's good progress and your son's anticipated visit to help in the transition. Another week and a half...praying your back will be a bit stronger by then, also.

The pineapple star quilt is beautiful! What a cheerful one to have on the table.

Take care.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Thank you for the update on DH and your back. It is a long haul and you are going to make it. I am glad that you have a little more time to heal your back before DH comes home. Now the key is to keep on taking care of yourself. No small accomplishment for one who has put other ahead of herself.

Your quilt is beautiful! The colours are brilliant and compliment your table.

Take care of you.

Anonymous said...

I truly love reading your posts. Look forward to seeing what you are presently working on!
Please continue giving us all such joy. I'm new to blogging, so I appreciate yours! Great job.

merrily row said...

Another gorgeous finish, as usual and ramblings. hah!. That was an information filled post. I am praying for you both. Get well.

Pammysue said...


Your quilt is beautiful! That is great news about your DH! Sounds like he figured out what he needed to do to come home and was determined to do it!
Sorry to hear about your back, but maybe the Dr. will figure out what to do to help you.

Roslyn said...

Your pineapple blossom turned out very nice!I want to try one.......