Saturday, May 9, 2009

Result of Rains

See what I mean look at that plant on the left, it has spread far more than I wanted it to.These pictures look a little dark and I guess it's because I just took them at dusk. If you remember what this looked like last year, it has really filled out. This old stump is almost covered with 4 different colors of creeping phlox. I can't tell you what the white flowers , plant is. I went out to try and find the label but couldn't. I can't remember them.all.
Guess this picture is almost the same. Hoping you can get a better look by clicking.
The other day it was so lovely, laying out there trying to sleep, with the dogwood blossoms flying all around. The trees all so greened up. The weeds, grass, growing like weeds. It was so peaceful. I read a little, tried to nap and just looked at all the wonders of springtime. Here's more of a closeup of the phlox Also some columbine. I had bought several varieties last year and they have seeded all over. Love it. Looks like down here in the corner is the Colorado state flower, blue columbine. I think one of the other pictures have more of it closer.
Right here You can see a couple of them. The light yellow green plant in the foreground has spread all over. Sure hope the Dianthus can get out through it. It's gorgeous to look at but gee, I want a lot of different perennials and herbs.
Tomorrow is Mother's Day and I thought I would have to be by myself for dinner. Nope On IM Wed. night my daughter asked me what I had planned. Gee, wonder what she expected since her sibling brother is in Colorado. She and her son were going to a party today and she said since they would be part of the way here they would come up after the party tonight and take me out for dinner tomorrow. Now isn't that sweet? Hubby had asked me the other day what I wanted for Mother's Day and I had said I would love to go out to dinner. Now I know he didn't call her as he doesn't have a phone.
We might go to church and then dinner, I'm thinking if we go to the Chinese buffet we could take Hubby some hot sour soup.

This looks similar to one of the others. I can't really get a good look at these pictures until I get them on here. I guess there is a way but HOW?
I've decided to make Bonnie's last mystery quilt she calls Double Delight. I've liked that quilt ever since I've seen it completed. Since I have plenty of fabrics and strips I started digging and have found similar colors to what she did. Have started the first part. That's a whole lot of square in square's to make and there is another set next. I've only been able to print off the first and second part. This printer just doesn't want to print right. Wouldn't stop printing once the first part was printed, just kept printing it again. I only had one set marked.
At least I can always go to the site and see. Long ways to go though. I just wanted something to piece. I really don't need another quilt top. Can't help it can we. ?
Here is more of that yellow green ground cover. It has really taken over.

Happy Mothers Day to all my friends who are Mother's Hope you have a wonderful day with your families.


Anonymous said...

I have light purple phlox and it has really been spreading the last few years. I like it!

Columbine are some of my favorites! :)

I made JP some pants today as he is so very hard to fit and we have 2 reasons for good clothes this month. Been too busy with house updates and cleaning and yard work to get much sewing done.

I'm glad your dd is coming to take you out for dinner! Happy Mother's Day!

Florence said...

happy mothers day, your plants and flowers are lovely,,,,,,

quiltmom anna said...

Happy Mother's Day Lovely Lady,
I hope you have a terrific time with your daughter and grandson.
Chinese food sounds delicious- My beloved has made omelettes this morning and I am about to go and bead a bracelet for a lovely work friend who helps me out all the time. Then maybe I will play in the fabric. Hockey is the name of the game on the television but that is fine with me as I am a hockey fan too.
I like Bonnie's double delight pattern too- I just ordered her Scraps and Thread tales book through Keepsake Quilting. They have such beautiful fabrics - I ordered some fat quarters as well.. Who needs an excuse to order their lovely fabrics) However, the shipping is quite expensive but it was the easiest way for me to order Bonnie's book.
Your greenery is coming along.
Happy happy day ,

julieQ said...

Your plants look wonderful, wonder why rain makes things grow so much better than the hose? Very pretty, columbines are a big favorite of mine. I made the DD quilt and it is at the quilter...can't wait until it is done!

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

I enjoyed the photos and appreciate that you are "fumbling" around like me with the picture attachment stuff. Hey, we are further ahead then we were a while ago. A lot to learn and limited time to spend.

I have Bonnie's book and I have to look up what quilt you are going to make.

How was your dinner out? Chinese sounds yummy. You are funny about when you were asked, "What did you have planned for Mother's Day?" I have learned to not make plans and let "them" do what they feel they want to do. It always has turned out fine. I am glad that your DD and Grandson came to be with you.

The picture you painted with the Dogwood blossom floating down and the Spring Day to rest in is a dream to live on all year long.