Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Think Summer and Other things

Now does this look like spring or summer? I took it the other day when it got up to 92 Not the end of May yet. Yikes what will summer be like. We usually get that weather in July and August. This is what I see out my porch window. The .poor tree has lost limbs and is so old but never fails to have the prettiest blossoms a round . My neighbor has one on the other side along the woods which is pretty also, She is getting her yard looking like a nursery but hasn't gotten out much yet. Either too wet or too hot
Here's the newer one on the north of the house As you can see the AC unit and the garage door. It was planted b y the former owner and we see the blossoms from the living room window. Just the top.

Again I've been a little lazy getting something else written. Hubby is coming along good and I imagine might be coming home soon. Whether I'm ready or not. I see my spine doctor tomorrow morning early so will see what else he has in mind that I can do.

I have started going to Water aerobics which is great. But does mean driving to Hagerstown 3 times a week. One day, Wed. I go anyway. So two extra times. I think I can get a lot more out of it than Curves now. So much easier to exercise what needs to be done with no pain. It hasn't come back as bad as it was but is certainly not gone.

Quilting, gee haven't done too much. Have done some in the basement on the Chex mix. Need to head down there some more. I have been getting a lot done on the Sunbonnet quilt, Have two pictures to show and I know if you click on them you certainly will see the quilting. Just remember the blue markings will be Spritzed off. These are so much fun to do. I can do one of the plain blocks in a good long evening of TV. With the Orioles playing at night . It's easy but when Hubby comes home he will take back his TV and doesn't like the baseball games But I do watch some of the game shows with him and he likes Survivor also.
For Kathy's information I have 8 blocks done so maybe in a few months it will be done. One thing I have been doing is resting a lot. and reading. Have finished the first book of the series that I've been reading of Nora Roberts. Now the last one, called Inner Harbor is out so have that on hold for me and also the new Elm Creek book I think called the Lost Quilter. It also is out so have a hold on it. One of the Liberians was the first to read it. She said she put her hold on it as soon as it was on the list. So read it real fast and said it was excellent.

I've found I have really enjoyed reading. Takes time away from quilting but then it also gives me time to sit and ease my back. So will see what happens when Hubby comes. home.
Have been having some trouble with the AC unit. Now it's only about 3 years old. This being the third year for it. One thing about being in a small community and dealing with the local business's. Last night as I was watering the perennial garden the compressor kept coming off and on in a lot of quick intervals. Did not sound like it should have been doing that. I called and left a message and that I wouldn't be home until this afternoon. About an hour after I got home the gal called and said the repair guy was coming. Well. It did it for him and he put in a booster starter and it started fine. Till I went out and laid in the sun and it started again. Called back and he is here now. Then he came in and looked at the Thermometer and said maybe it needed new batteries. Since I didn't know it had batteries. Guess everything does these days.

Do hope everyone is having a nice start to summer but how about a little Spring. Thanks for stopping by.


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Oh, you make me chuckle. I can see you just settling down to rest in the sun and THEN the AC goes on and off, on and off. And how new that the thermostat has batteries.

Don't laugh - check this out when you have a moment.

You pictures are beautiful. The flowering trees are a delight. I think I will get out with my camera tomorrow to capture some of the blossoms around here. Then I will need your help on how to get them into the blog.

By now you have gone to the back doctor and I hope that help is on the horizon. Keep us posted.
Your sunbonnet quilt is stunning. What a great quilter you are.


Linda said...

Why I just stopped by. I'm so glad I did. Your quilts are lovely.

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Your package arrived in this mornings mail! Thank you so much! The acorns are so tiny. I LOVE THEM. The rose fabric that you gently wrapped them in is pretty and I keep wanting to smell in the scent of roses when I pass by it on the counter. Tomorrow I will take some pictures and post them in my blog. Thank you for something so precious.