Tuesday, May 19, 2009

200 Post Giveaway

First I thought I'd show you what I'm working on now.All out of my stash. This is the first part of Bonnie's Double Delight. After I saw it completed I just had to make it. Takes time though. Here are the first 150 blocks which partiaily make up one of the blocks.Her instructions are so good and easy when you use the Essy Angle ruler for cutting out the triangles. These are only 3 1/2 . Now to the giveaway. Remember when Kim and I were making these Pieces of the Heart quilts. This is the Chance of Flurries, Good for the east coast where I live.Here is my completed top. So here is the pattern and if you would like it leave a comment within the next few days and on Sunday the 24 of May I will pick a name and post on that days blog. You must then send me you address and it will be mailed out the next day.

In getting the picturess ready for this post I uploaded the Trees quilt done in the same way. To bad neither of them have been quilted yet. I couldn't figure how to delete it so figured I'd just show it again. Someday they will get quilted.

We're having some really nice weather now after about 3-4 days of rain. Boy is the grass and here weeds have been growing. I managed to get out and weed whack the bank this aternoon but it wore me out.

So far things are going fine, Hubby is really weaker than I thought he was but as long as he can get around a little it's fine. Oh, and I have an aide coming now twice a week t o bath him. A big chore off my hands. Sure miss my kids though.

Thanks for stopping and remember to leave a comment if you want this pattern. It was so much fun to do.


lesthook said...

Beautiful pattern! I love how yours came out.

Gran said...

Hooray for you - Big Bells and Whistle Sounds - 200 posts.

I put a little package in the mail to you today.


Nancy said...

WOW, those are two great quilts. I love the blue and white...

Happy 300 posts!!

quiltmom said...

Hi Eileen,
I loved the pattern so much when I saw it on your blog that I ordered it from Sandy Gervais. Yours turned out so pretty,- as did your trees. Someone will be a lucky winner when they receive this pattern to celebrate your 200th post.
It is nice that your children were able to come and visit and help you out- but mostly, I am sure you both enjoyed having some lovely family time together.
I hope that hubby is doing well and that the homecare is working out nicely.
Thanks for stopping by my blog- I am always glad to hear from you- lovely lady.
Congratulations on 200 posts.
Warmest regards,

Yvonne said...

Although I already have the pattern, I wanted to congratulate on your 200th post. Glad to hear you are getting some help with hubby. I love both of those quilts.

Kim said...

Psssst! Don't go to the post office on Monday to mail the pattern to the winner--it will be closed! LOL! Congrats, Eileen, on your 200th post--that's quite a milestone!

Leslie said...

What a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on your 200th post, that is an awesome accomplishment. I am still working on posting on a consistent basis. Blessing to you.

DonnaC said...

I always love to see your projects....you get so much accomplished! Thanks for sharing with us.

Wilma NC said...

200 posts!! That's alot, lol. Love your work and love the pattern.

VickiD said...

Hey, that pattern would look great on my design wall. Congrats on the 200 posts.

PunkiePie said...

Congratulations on 200 posts! Count me in for the giveaway. The quilt top is great.

LaurieRolan said...

What a beautiful quilt! I'd love to have this pattern....congratulations on your 200th post!!

Carol said...

Nice pattern, I would love a chance to win. I like your quilt blocks. Congrats on your 200 blogaversary.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Love the pattern and would think it would be fun to make! Congratulations on 200 posts too~

Cathy M said...

I love both of your quilts. Don't even give it a thought that they're not quilted. I have at least 30 quilt tops that aren't quilted. You are not alone.

Ruby said...

Happy 200th post! Thank you so much for entering me in your drawing!!!

Frances said...

Congrats on 200 posts. Would love to try that pattern.

Anonymous said...

congrats on 200th post. You are so generous to have a giveaway.
those two quilt tops are gorgeous!
many more posts to you. and good luck with hubby.
Dawn in MA

Amanda said...

Congratulations on your 200th post!

The quilts are beautiful. The snowflake one looks great in the blues and whites, of course. I have a friend that did the trees, and the fabrics she chose didn't do well. Yours turned out fantastic. My friend had to make hers over. Hopefully you'll be able to get yours quilted soon!

Congratulations, again.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your 200th, I have only made it to 100 and have agive away also.
Love the pattern


Orcsmom said...

I have heard a lot about your blog, from Kim and Gran. Congrats on your 200 post!


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