Friday, October 31, 2008

Christmas Cactus

Things seem to be going better in my house this week, at least better than I expected. Hubby has gotten stronger each day and at least been sleeping better and not waking me at night. That means a lot.

Fall has definately come with a vengeance. At least we didn't get the snow like the north east did. Lots of beautiful red leaves out in the woods.

About a month ago when it started to get cool I brought in my three Christmas Cactus plants from the back where I put them for the summer. It didn't take long for the buds to start coming out so when they got showing some color I

brought them up and put them on the window sill that separates my kitchen from my porch. I've taken several pictures as they have started to open

First the white one opened and the red one was just loaded with buds

These were taken about a day apart. These stems are so fragile that as the big blossoms open them just bend down.

Now the red one is really starting.

This last one I just took this evening, The white one is starting to get a lot of dead ones, not looking so good. But boy is this red one is really something. I bought it at the grocery store last year about this time. Seems to like my house.

I still haven't finished the binding on my Buzz Saw quilt but promise I will have a picture of it the next time.

Now I have to work on some Christmas things. See I said Christmas is coming. I know all Kim is thinking about is Halloween but it will soon be gone as well as our daylight time. Get an extra hours of sleep tomorrow night.

Hope all is well in your world. Thanks for stopping by.


Tazzie said...

Wow Eileen, your cacti are just gorgeous. I can't believe how much they change from day to day.
I'm so pleased that your husband is doing well, I'll have him in my prayers.

Lindah said...

Beautiful cactus, Eileen! The white one is new to me. Mine are just beginning to show tiny little buds.
So good to hear your husband is making progress.That's prayer being answered!

quiltmom said...

Hi Eileen,
I am not sure that I have seen white cactus before- they are sure pretty to look at.
It is nice to see your husband is feeling better- it is hard when our loved ones are ill.
Be well, dear lady,

Eileen said...

Oh my.. I wish my Christmas Cactus looked like that! Not a flower on any of mine. Those are gorgeous.. they do like your house.

julieQ said...

Oh how pretty! I really want one, I have not had a Christmas cactus for years and years. Yours are so nice.

Jessica's mom said...

Eileen those are just beautiful, here in FL I'm waiting with baited breath for mine to show their first buds! I found your blog looking for Christmas Cactus Quilting Blocks. How funny the amazing things the computer digs up. :)