Monday, October 20, 2008

Winter is Coming

Guess it is time to let you all in on what's been going on in my neighborhood. Weather, frost the last couple days. Was 30 when I went through town this morning but the sun has come out nice.

Here is what it looked like last year. Colors were just beautiful. But this year it seems like they have just gotten brown.

This tree which I saw last year has started to drop it's pretty red leaves so quick. Just looking through the window I see lots of different colors but pretty hard to get a good picture for the distance.

Then right now I really am in no mood to take pictures. Woke up with a tooth ache last night. Guess I should have known it was coming. Had two teeth that had broken off at the gums in the last couple years. The roots were still good and the dentist said as long as they didn't cause any trouble to forget them. Well they are trouble now so called and got an appointment to have those babies pulled out tomorrow. They are teeth before the large molar. Just old.

This is really a good time as I had to take my Hubby to the hospital on Thursday as he had again developed congestive heart failure. I was afraid of this as his feet kept swelling. Sure surprising how fast they can get that fluid out once they get a catheter back in and push the meds. I imagine it will mean back in Rehab again for 6 weeks.

At least it is giving me a break to do more sewing, quilting etc. Yesterday I finally finished the Lil Red from Schnibbles by Miss Rosie.

I put my own border on. With all those HST cut off these blocks I wanted to use them and there was enough for that inner border. I really like the effect. Don't have any idea how to quilt this one. To many seams for hand quilting. It will wait a bit.

I've gotten down to the basement to machine quilt on the Buzz Saw quilt that we swapped the blocks for at the Quilter's Hollow. Still have some left to do on that. So a picture will follow.

It has been nice to get a full night's sleep. But the second night he was in there he called me at 6:30 in the morning (he thought I'd be up because I always got up between 5 - 6) to fix his regular 2 scrambled eggs and sausages and bring them in as the pancake he got for breakfast was to dry to eat. Now aren't I a dutiful wife?

Talking to a friend about this who is a generation younger and he said no way would his wife to that. Guess it is a generation thing then. We do what our hubbies ask.

Guess I won't feel much like posting for awhile. Course it has been over a week since my last post. Hope you are all feeling better than I am. Thanks for listening.


Faith said...

Yes it is getting colder isnt it!! I love the picture of the quilt that you have shown its lovely, very homely and the colours look traditional.

Kathie said...

hope you feel better after going to the dentist.
Glad you got a good nights sleep, hope you get lots more before DH comes home again.
Glad your quilting more too that always makes us feel good to finish a quilt.
take it easy and pamper yourself.

Owens Family Adventures said...

I think you are such a sweetheart to make your hubby breakfast while he is in the hospital. I would do the same thing. When you've got a keeper on your hands it's okay to baby them a bit. I am sure he'd do the same thing for you. :)
Gotta say, this post made me smile.

Candace said...

Eileen, I'm sure you will feel a lot better after your visit to the dentist - and you are wonderful to bring your husband something that would make him feel better, too! I get razzed by my friends for doing things like that for my husband - but he turns the tables as well - we give and give in return and it makes for a great marriage! Your husband is a very lucky fellow! The Schnibles quilt is gorgeous! Cheers!

Lindah said...

Oh, my! Eileen, when it rains it pours. Sounds like you are getting a pouring. Hoping both you and hubby are feeling much beter soon! Schnibbles turned out very nice...hmm, I would need to give some thought to quilting design, too. There are some open areas for a nice design...hmmm... Whatever you choose, it will look great!

Roseanne said...

well you have winnter on it way and i have summer on it way .I have been looking at your blog .I do like your quilt.

julieQ said...

Hope your teeth heal after getting those roots out! Yes, you are a dutiful wife...I try my best too! Your quilt is beautiful, especially the 1/2 square triangle border.

quiltmom said...

Hi Eileen,
What a lot of things you have been dealing with these days- I hope it gets easier for you soon. It is not much fun to have a toothache.

I think your Scnibbles quilt is really lovely- It is a pretty pattern and you made it look beautiful. I like all the lovely colors in it.

My mom takes care of my dad in the same way as you take care of your husband and he takes care of her too. She had knee replacement surgery last spring and my dad took over the cooking and cleaning for her for a number of weeks. They have been married for 53 years this year.

Take a little time and pamper yourself in the next few weeks.


Janet said...

Your Lil Red quilt is lovely - I think your 1/2 square triangle border
looks wonderful - it adds so much to the quilt. I hate to throw those corners out too.