Saturday, October 25, 2008

Update on Things

I've survived the dental surgery, but OH that bill for a half hours work of torture. He really had a hard time getting those buggers out. But the gums have healed and guess I will survive.

Then Hubby came along so good and started walking some the last three days that he came home yesterday. Still needs a lot of therapy but will get that in the coming weeks with the Home Care. Thank goodness for Medicare and the programs they have.

I also got down to the basement a couple times and just this afternoon I finished quilting that Buzz Saw quilt. So on to getting the binding made and sewn on and down.

Thursday I had to go to the post office so took my camera to get an update on the hotel. It is so neat to watch it looking better and better every day.

This day they were finishing the outside of the porch roof. They had spent several days putting the inside roof on both of the upper and lower roofs.

This is a front view as it is now. Also showing the side where they still have the scaffolding up. All the windows are in and look closely you can see the third floor windows have copper roofs and talking with my favorite cabinet maker, who is also doing some of the inside detailing, He says the whole upper roof is copper.

As I walked across the street to get a better shot of the side of the building I noticed a man up putting the siding on that third floor. I asked him if that was slate? Yep, sure looked like it. It's on the front also. Took looking closer on the side to notice it wasn't just some old shingles.

Had to go around to the back to see how that was coming. Yep got the stairs up and all the balconies. Those two upper floors will be the rooms. Also there will be a library for the guests to use, I'm sure full of Nora Roberts books. The cabinet maker is making all the shelves and wall pieces.

He had replicated an archway that was the only thing on the inside that she really hated loosing. Not much of the original insides was left when she bought it.

The entire lower floor in the back which has an enormous fireplace will be a sitting room. It was a billiard room.

He doubts that is will be finished by December like they have said. To much to do inside yet.She seems to be doing it up right.

This has been a gloomy day with much needed rain. Looks like it is clearing off now and I better get busy on supper. Our daughter is coming up this evening for overnight.


Carolyn said...

I'm glad you're all feeling better. I love watching the rebuilding of this hotel, it's beautiful!

Candace said...

I'm glad that you're feeling better, and that your DH is doing better also. The hotel is really going to be nice. Is it a historical building or just an old building that they are rescuing. It would be fun to spend the night there after watching it on your blog.

Candace said...

So glad you and your husband are on the mend! I just love watching the progress on the old hotel...those materials are indeed expensive - I sure hope they have a "spy cam" set up to watch for thieves! Thanks so much for sharing the progress with us, Eileen! Cheers!

Roslyn Atwood said...

Good to know you two are coming along the health trail,Eileen.I have major oral surgery Nov. 10th. & I'm no stranger to it but boy do I dread it.
Thanks for popping into my blog.
I like to post pics of my surroundings too, makes life more interesting!

Lynn said...

Lovely blog - I came to you by way of Patchalot patterns (it has your christmas tree quilt on there. You have some beautiful quilts and pictures.

julieQ said...

I am so glad your teeth are better! Yes, they get plenty for there work, guess they are paying for all that education. She is one of my husband's favorite authors, and it has been fun to watch the hotel shape up again.