Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Trip around my garden

I went out the other day with my camera to get some pictures of my perennial garden. With all the rain we have had this summer it has flourished. Remember this is the space between the footer of the porch and the driveway. The stone wall was up already but there were three huge shrubs and this stump. A few bulbs and a Hosta which I moved along the side of the carport wall and the deer keep eating it off.

First coming down the drive is this zebra plant, really Polemonium. I bought it the first of the summer because I like the foliage and it has done well.

Next is one of the Dianthus that just keep blooming. The first year they did nothing. A couple died but have about 3 that have really taken off this year. Behind it is a Lavender plant and the lighter plant behind that is a herb, which I can't think of the name as I don't use it. It's what they use in India. Really smells but thought it a neat plant.

The next flowers are not the color that they should be. Don't know why it came so red. The ones behind are orange double Impatiens and have bloomed all summer like that. When I put Impatiens in the front yard they did nothing. The blooms in the front are another Dianthus.

Now here is my love. It has taken over the garden. I know there are some little plants under it but the light color and the way it is growing down around the rocks. Love it. Called Goldilocks. lysimachia nummularia
I saw this at the nursery early in the spring and just thought I would try it. Have cut a couple pieces and planted them in some bare spots and they are growing.

Here's another Dianthus with the silver leaves and it really just started to bloom a little towards late summer. It is a new plant this spring so am hoping it grows more for next year.

Last and at the corner of the porch is my white bleeding heart. It has been blooming most of the summer once it started. Now to get a red one. Behind it is a fern I got last year and really thought I had lost it. Those varmints (chipmucks, I think) that dig around the plants had a big hole dug but was surprised that it really took off. I think the water we had this summer has really helped everything to thrive.

Will go back to that nursery in the spring for some more unusual perennials.

Now to show you I have been doing some sewing here's all the blocks done for the LIL RED by Schnibles. I have been slow in getting these little 4 in blocks finished as they aren't the easiest thing to make.

This is not for the new quilter. It uses charms and I had a set that had been sent to me by a friend that knew I liked blue and then I supplemented with Thimbleberries. Have a lot of 1 1/2in. HST from making these and been thinking of a way to use them in the outside border. These blocks have not been sewn together. Just up on my board. but wanted to show it so far.

Enough for now, Thanks for stopping by.


gehl skid loader said...

ok. I found an information here that i want to look for.

Joyce said...

We have already had a few nights of frost but I actually still have delphinium blooming out front! Can't believe that!! Otherwise, not much growing here.

I like your little quilt. :) I have a few sets of charms I need to use. Of course, they don't go together!!

Did you supplement a lot to complete it with one charm pack?

I'm doing kitchen redo this week so not much quilting. Bummer but I will be happy with the improvement!! :)

Lindah said...

Loved your garden tour! All those little plants that I miss being out here in arid CA now.
Well, that is an interesting block that you are working on...I don't believe I have seen that one. Is there a name for it? or maybe it is original with the author. Something new.

Candace said...

Thank you for the garden tour. Your plants look very pretty. I like the quilt in this post, and also the little quilt in your previous post. Both are charming.

Sue R said...

Your garden is lovely, and nice that a few plants are still blooming. My hostas are all fading now, and leaves covering much of my backyard. Did your quilt block come from a pattern? I would love to know where I could get it, if you're willing to share.

MARCIE said...

Hi Eileen. I enjoyed seeing all the plants flouishing in your garden. Love the zebra! Your new quilt is darling!

Fiesta said...

your garden is lovely.

mamaspark said...

I love this quilt, it is just beautiful!