Sunday, November 2, 2008

Did You Turn Your Clock Back?

I didn't!!!

Very funny. I got to sleep till 7 am this morning. Very unusual. Hubby called and asked why do those 2 clocks have different times. He didn't want to call me until he was sure.

Hmm. He has a clock I set in front of the TV and then the clock on the cable box which sets itself. It dawned on me that for the first time we hadn't turned our clocks back. Hubby always went though the house early turning them the way they were suppose to be. But yesterday he hadn't felt good so had forgot all about it. At least to remind me.

But getting up when it was actually daylight and OH what a golden light there was across the woods. Just had to get my camera and get some pictures.

First this one right straight out that I see from where I am sitting. That red tree is my large old dogwood tree and then with the golden tree in the distance.

Turning to the north the woods behind on the right and the golden Oak tree, Oh if they would just stay like this but in about a week I bet they will be gone.

Then looking across the road and up the mountain where the picture I had on a week ago taken last year. It is all in color now.

The last one is taken of the front yard. This is what happens to the leaves. covering the azalea plants already and a good protection from the winter.

Now here is what I've finally finished--my Buzz Saw quilt. I machine quilted it and tried a bit of free motion on the middle of the blocks but had put a design in to follow on the dark ones. Sort of winged it for the light blocks. These are blocks that the Yahoo group I am in swapped last year for our yearly Friendship swap. All Thimbleberry of course.

Ah, sweet smells coming from the oven. Am trying the apple cake that Kim had on her blog about a week ago. She had made it and taken to the office one day. Almost done. Hubby had be wanting some coffee cake so hope this hits the spot with him.

Thanks for stopping in.


Candace said...

Your pictures are beautiful, I was thinking that I don't know which I like best the spring/summer flower pictures, or the autumn pictures, and then it dawned on me. In blogland you can enjoy both for much of the year, as other parts of the world are heating up while we are cooling down. Your buzz saw is beautiful, and the quilting in the blocks looks really nice. I am hoping to improve in FMQ, and so I'm watching for it, and yours is inspiring me.

Lindah said...

Beautiful post, Eileen! I love the autumn colors. And I still like crunching and kicking through the leaves. :-) Your buzzsaw turned out really nice. There again, the colors are great. And the quilting suits it to a T. Good work!
I can almost smell that apple cake!

Candace said...

Thanks for the gorgeous pictures, Eileen! Looks like your house, or at least your foundation is Fieldstone - what a lucky gal you are! The Buzz Saw quilt is stunning - great job on the machine quilting! Cheers!

SueR said...

Your yard looks so nice all dressed in autumn, and your quilt is very pretty--perfect for the season.

Betsy said...

I love the fall colors of the trees.
Nature has the best color palette

Julia said...

I didn't either Eileen.
i don't like daylight saving, but we must accept it if it's to be..
The Buzz Saw quilt is beautiful.
did someone say cake!!

Janet said...

Your Buzz Saw quilt looks great! Your quilting turned out very nice - I'm such a chicken when I machine quilt so I'm very impressed with people who aren't.

julieQ said...

Very pretty quilt! Your foliage and scenery are so pretty, the leaves are swirling down fast here!

Treasa said...

Your Buzz Saw quilt turned out great. I have never seen this pattern before. I like it. Thanks for sharing.