Friday, May 4, 2012

A Little more of Colorado

This is my Niece's two granddaughters and youngest grandson. At the end of the couch was Grandpa.
And the picture on the wall of cowboy's is one of his prints. He is a great photographer with a couple picture books published.

This was the evening I arrived and we were  celebrating two  birthdays. with a dinner. They are in the
midst of moving out to the prairie. I think I showed this picture before.But going back through my pictures I wasn't sure..
 This lower one shows the view they have looking towards Pike;s Peak and the mountains. Also a pile of trees that he is going to cut up for the house they will  build.

But before that they are fixing this little place up to live in. Still need water and electricity. They want to go solar. So lots of work yet to go.

This is just one view of the garden that she is leaving behind. They have sold their home of about 10 years and going to pioneer it. Good  Luck Roann. 
 Well there was a picture there but gone now. Just leave it to blogger.
I havc been having a great time at my sons. So far haven;'t been able to upload those pictures. Really spent two weeks just relaxing and reading and quilting on my log cabin quilt. Guess I could have put a picture of it.
Then on Monday I flew to Medford Oregon to spend a few days with my oldest brother time reminiscing

Now tomorrow Morning my granddaughter graduates from Teachers Collage in Greeley. She hopes to teach 5th grade. Hopefully I will be able to upload some more pictures. before I go home. Have two more weeks almost.  Thanks for stopping by.  
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Have a ball--- You're doing all those things money can't buy.... Make tons of memories....

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