Friday, May 11, 2012

A Few Things Going On

The first thing was the graduation of Sara my third granddaughter to graduate from College. The main reason for this trip. That was last Saturday and then on Sunday guess what we had. 
Yes, snow and ended up with about 6 inches my son thought, It was beautiful and I watched it till I got bored, Had to get to my quilting. So this is what I brought with me to have something to do while my son was working.
This is the log cabin which I made from Judy Martins book on log cabins about 3 years ago. My daughter said it HAD to be hand quilted. I am quilting it down the middle of each strip. Starting in the middle and working out. Works out good and I don't have to keep cutting and threading needles.
Notice the light I have shinning on it. I got that the same day I got my new laptop, from Ikea. Another thing that Bonnie Hunter has shown for lighting up the sewing machine better.It has been a life savor here as my eyes need good light.
This shows a little better but not sure you can see the quilting. I had started quilting with the middle house block and going all around block by block. I am on the last row before the other houses show up. It is all Thimbleberries fabrics and my son said it would look better on his bed that the pastel one I gave them several years ago and I think it will. His drapes are dark red and this just looks more manly.
This was the next morning as the sun was coming up. Look how the Snow glistens off the trees. Now if you want to see Pikes Peak look to the right of the smaller pine tree and those clouds are covering the peak. Sure was beautiful.
When we went down to the Denver area it was 84 but by the time we got back up to Conifer it was 64,
Then today , Friday, it is again snowing probably not as much. They were saying in the high country that they might get a foot,  Just hope that Sunday, Mother's Day is nice as my Niece and her family are coming up for picnic. Might be an inside one though. But would be nice if the kids could go out and play on the trampoline. The one outside toy left here.
Then I will be leaving on a Jet plane back to good old Maryland and probably won't have a blog written before that. So glad you have stopped by to follow me on my travels. It has been wonderful. 

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