Monday, April 23, 2012

Welcome to Colorado

 I don't like this new set up. Can't seerm to get the pictures in I want. Arrived in Denver on the 17th. A niece picked me up at the airport and took me to Colorado Springs where I stayed for 4 days. Sat. my son come down to get me and have been with him since then.It is so good to see my grandchildren.
Well I got this picture in but not the one I wanted. This is the pillow cover that my secret Pal on the Hollow sent me. That is called twilling. Hand done and beautiful  Thank you again Ellen.

I'm not sure I had shown this before. I know I had a couple blocks after the workshop with Bonnie. This is how much I have done now. My hubbies shirts. The border will be like the 9 patches. with a dark blue inner border.

I have the Schnibble for this month someplace if I can get it uploaded. This new blogger is no good
Tried to upload from Picasa but they don't do it any more. So this is it until I can figure this thing out.

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Arvie Wilson said...

beautiful designs... wish I can learn how to do it..
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