Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Has Arrived

I know this does not look like fall but this is how my perennial garden looks now. That light green runner is taking over. But the pretty dark pink flowers just keep blooming and blooming.
I'm afraid I have not kept it cleaned up but I at least got the old stacks off the lilies. I have been getting some sewing time in. Hubby is doing pretty good and letting me sleep the whole night although he figures 5 AM is time to get up.
I have been to the basement and got these two little wall hangings quilted and now am working on the Butterfly quilt. Have a couple more hours work on it and then the border. Although the butterfly template I have and wanted to use is to big. Guess I have to get something else.

Yes,. fall is coming to these mountains and I tried to find an old picture to show again but couldn't I have never gotten my pictures organized right and is folders so I know whats there. Just don't know how. Most of the leaves are still green. The dogwood are the bright red and the maples are turning. There is a beautiful tree downtown that I would love to get a picture of. Just forget to take my camera with me.
Guess you remember this Scrappy Stars. One I made out of leftover HST. I machine quilted it along with the one below.
This was my kit I got at the retreat. Everyone was to bring a complete kit of something. This is all Kansas Troubles fabrics. The pattern was from This and That and called Baskets of Blessings. Fun to make. Thanks Eileen C.
Sorry I have been so long in posting again. We've had a lot of Doctor's appointments and then going to Water Aerobics three times a week takes a lot of sewing time out of the day. But things are fine on the home front. Now to get some more quilting done. Almost finished the Sunbonnet quilt. thanks for stopping by.


Mrs Quilty said...

I love both those wall quilts!! I'm glad you both are getting a good sleep. A good sleep makes the world such a brighter place!! Very important! Happy Fall to you! Here in Wenatchee, WA, it is about 70 degrees, no wind, blue skies and very comfy on the deck where I've reading all morning!!

Anonymous said...

On your butterfly quilt, do you mean the template is too big for the quilting in the border? I have had good results taking a pattern to Staples (or such an office supply place) and having them resize it. I told them what length I wanted the area to be. It cost me 0.39. :) I was sorry I hadn't tried that sooner!

But maybe you have a plastic template you want to use instead of a paper pattern. ??? Oh well... if it helps use the idea. :)

quiltmom anna said...

HI Eileen,
Always nice to see you on line. Hope the water aerobics is going well and that all is fine with your hubby.

Unlike you, fall has arrived here-with the first snow arriving this morning. It is not enough to stay but enough to make things wet and slippery.
I will need to get my boots out soon but we hope that it gets warmer as we plan to get some things cleared out of the house and yard. The bin has been ordered and some tools bought so we hope winter stays away for awhile longer. It usually does warm up again so we hope that it will this time - other wise it could be nippy while we are clearing out some things that should have been done earlier in the fall.
I have the binding made for the big quilt and another baby wrap cut out. I know of a number of babies that are coming so I best get quilting....
Be well,

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

hello :love, I am going to try to shut down in a few minutes and am checking in to wish you a good nights sleep. Your quilts a beautiful. Well, done!!!!!

Working tomorrow, I might not check in until Saturday. Wishing you a good Friday.

Good night

Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Beautiful! I love to enlarge you quilts and look at your fine work. It is a treat to me to see you work!