Monday, October 19, 2009

First Mystery Blocks

This was the view out my carport yesterday morning
Fall has come with cool weather and lots of rain. It rained pretty much for two days and the temperatures down last night in the 30's I saw frost in the valley's going in to swim this morning, This one I took out the window of the porch and the flash went off, so the spot. Hope you can see the colors on the trees in the distance.

Now here is a picture of the first blocks for the Jelly Bean Mystery quilt.
Unusual to have three blocks, So what kind of a design is this going to end up being. I love mysteries. Have to wait till the next months instructions now.
So be Cont----

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Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Sorry love, I misunderstood, which mystery quilt you were talking about. So, you still do not know the mystery pattern for the whole Jelly Bean fabric - I get it. Yet, I bet your mind is working away to figure it out. You know so much I bet that you are the first one to figure it all out!

I love the photo shots!

Well, I think I am finally caught up on reading your blog. I have been busy with family and prepping for my classes. They were over yesterday for this month, and I feel like I have tons of time now. Woohoo.

I am so glad you are enjoying water aerobics! In fact you are probably there right now. Hugs