Saturday, August 8, 2009

From Scraps to THIS

I first wanted to show you that the mushrooms have come back. This must have something to do with this old stump. I have planted Lavender on the inside and a coral bells at the end which hasn't done much because I think that some rodent has taken up resident underneath it.Dirt seems to disappear from a spot around the coral bells. Right now these have gotten quite large and look awful. Now on the the business at hand. Here is the bag that these Kansas Troubles scraps came to me in. I really didn't want put this in again but the pictures are so tiny I couldn't tell what it was. and don't see how to delete it.
But out of this bag came lots of strips, blocks squares etc. and I made this wall hanging as a remembrance of my winning. That house had to be put into something
I want to do a little explaining of what and how I did this. First the red and beige HST were in the scraps so just found a pleasing way to surround the house. Oh, I put the strip of green on the bottom. After all doesn't every house have to have some grass?
Then I used two different strips to put a small border around. The next border is made from a number of strips she had made of a mixture of fabrics into piano keys. I only had to add a couple strips to make it fit.
Next wider border was made of two different prints but similar to balance with the inner one.
That last border believe it or not was made from large 6 1/2 in flying geese. I cut them in half and made HST out of them for the one side and bottom. The other side with the lighter fabrics was made from large 6 1/2 in HST Cut into quarters and using the 3 1/2 in HST and using two of them to make the Quarter square triangles for the other two sides. Here I had to use a couple pieces of fabric to make them fit. And as you will notice I had to cut off a part of the upper right one. I thought back to our Mothers and how they used all the scraps even piecing pieces to get it made. A little glitch here and there didn't mean a thing.
I just had fun making this work for a bout two days. Oh the outside borders are different widths because that is what I had. This all came out of this bag of scraps and I have enough to make a couple more wall hangings or even throw.
Now to find a box that will fit somewhere on my porch to house what is left.
I'm thinking that maybe I'll have to giveaway some fabric strips from the 90's. More to come. Thank you again Carol for a couple days of fun..

And many more.


Shirley--Knot-y Embroidery Lady said...

Oh, you are not afraid to try! An example to follow!
I love what you have done and the two days of enjoyment out of it, and many more to come. Your post is so much fun to read. Wonderful wisdom about making things work out. And you did.

Amazing bright coloured mushrooms. Amazing.

Take care. and Hugs.

Carol said...

Eileen, I love your quilt! I can't believe it came from that scrap bag of fabric I sent to you. What a great wall hanging and probably didn't take too long to make. I'm just thrilled that you made something from my scraps. Now to get it quilted. Thanks so much for sharing a picture.

Anonymous said...

Love the way you used the scraps that Carol sent you & what a great remembrances!

Nancy E (QH)

Mrs Quilty said...

How ingenious of you using scraps and coming up with that! It's adorable, with the house in the middle!!! Good Job!

Sharon said...

You didn't waste any time on using this prize. I love the house wall hanging.

Kim said...

It kind of makes me want to box up all my scraps and send them off to you, Eileen, so see what you'd come up with! LOL!

MARCIE said...

You are so clever! It is fun to see what you created from someone else's leftovers. And I noticed that your "wallpaper" behind your quilt is the same as mine!

dianne said...

i just LOVE what you've done with the place!

that truly is a wonderful wall hanging ... you done good

julieQ said...

What a great story of how your made the top! Love it!