Saturday, May 26, 2012

Doc and some other things

Here's Doc. the Schnibble for this month. I was hoping for better colors but the light was not good enough. It is made with two charms of batiks and the background is yardage I had gotten at the Lancaster show, not knowing what I would go with it. I was hoping to use it in my bathroom for more color but I think it is going to
be too big for the spot.  

Just had to get this shot of Penny on my log cabin quilt . Of course right on the hoop. She hadn't gotten in that chair since I have been home, until I put the quilt there.
Thought you should see what we had for two Sundays;s before graduation. Just beautiful. Funny part is as soon as the sun comes out it disappears rapidly.
Blogger doesn';t seem to want me to type up where the pictures  about are so a little explanation. That is Sara my granddaughter that graduated from Collage in Greeley, Co. The other is the closest we got for the graduation and it was HOT. She had turned her robe in by the time we met up with her.
Then the picture of the log cabin quilt I took with me to quilt. I got most of the center done. Here I have a cat to get in the way or wants on my lap. Thought that was a good spot to spread it out for a picture.
Now the Schnibbly quilt "DOC" is for the quilt show that the Pink Pincushion has on the first of the month. I wasn;'t sure I would get it done but I had the pattern so that is all I have done since coming home about 10 days ago.
Had a wonderful time but was nice to get home. Penny was sure glad.  Thanks for stopping.


Jan said...

I like the Schnibbles and the Log Cabin very much. Both turned out very pretty. Glad you had a nice trip!

Sinta Renee said...

Your Doc is beautiful Eileen!!! Gorgeous... and I can't believe that the snow is recent!Yikes!

Kigwit said...

I love your schnibble. That green is awesome!

Michele said...

I love the Doc that you made! It's just gorgeous :-) Congratulations to the graduate! What an exciting time.

Shanarah said...

beautiful design.. i wish I can learn how to do it on my free time..
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Addieson said...

wow!!! beautiful designs

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Zeddie said...

the last pic is awesome

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